Essential Disc Golf Accessories

Disc Golf accessories

One of the beautiful aspects of disc golf is that you only need one disc and you can be playing. However, we all know that it’s nice to have a variety of discs and a good bag or cart. Beyond the discs, it’s nice to have the accessories that make our round more enjoyable. In this blog we’ll talk about some of the essential disc golf accessories.

Grip Enhancer 

There is nothing that takes your mind off your drives like having grip issues. Whether you are sweaty and need something to keep your hands dry, or you prefer maximum possible grip, we’ve got you covered.

Disc golf grip sacks The Prodigy Chalk Bag is a bag full of chalk that allows you to use as little or as much chalk as you desire. Just like the chalk used by rock climbers, it gives you the grip you need for confident throws.

The Infinite Discs Sportsack is awesome at absorbing moisture from your hands so you can grip it and rip it! Keep a Sportsac in your bag and you’ll always be prepared for potential grip issues.

Using clay-based ingredients, the popular Whale Sac helps you get the optimal grip when you are sweaty. The tail can be used to tie the Whale Sac around your cart or bag for easy access.


Whale Sack grip enhancers

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Cart Accessories

Many of us love our carts, which make our disc golf rounds a little easier. One thing that makes a cart even better is the putter pouch. A putter pouch keeps your go-to discs within easy reach, and increases the totally number of discs that you can take on the course.

Infinite Discs cart power pocketThe Infinite Power Pocket pouches come in a variety of sizes, from the Mini, to the regular Power Pocket, to the giant XXL. Power Pockets have additional pockets for phones, pencils, minis, and a clipboard. You’re sure to find the right size for you.

Maybe you are looking for extra storage space for your Cart cooler bagcart. For the Rovic Cart, check out the insulated Cooler Bag. It has an insulated pocket for drinks. plus another pocket for snacks or accessories.

Zuca offers a Saddle Bag Set for some of its carts. The bags sit on both sides of the cart and give you a lot more room for snacks, a jacket, or even more discs!

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Disc Golf Towel

Keep your discs and hands clean and dry with an absorbent disc golf towel. These towels often feature a clip or loop for easy attachment to your bag, making them accessible during play.

Doomsday Discs offers a couple different beautiful, full color towel designs: Phantom Chains and Tropical. Why settle for just function when you can have function and style.

Doomsday Discs towel

The Cascadian DG ‘Lie’ Towel is a good looking towel that is also the size of a PDGA-legal lie: 20cm x 30cm. If you ever have doubts about someone’s lie, jut whip out the towel and resolve the issue.

Looking for a full-size bath towel with the image of a disc golf basket on it? We’ve got what you want! Take it to the beach, use it as a car seat cover on a hot day, or use it at home. You could even use is as a wall hanger conversation piece or practice your putting by throwing discs at it.

Disc golf basket beach towel

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Save time and the frustration of losing a disc by including a disc retriever in your bag. Some are extendable poles with a retrieval mechanism at the end allow you to fish out discs from water hazards or hard to reach areas. Others are metal devices attached to rope to help retrieve discs that are even farther away.

The Golden Retriever and Disc Claw can be used to reach discs that are in water hazards. Hold the rope and toss the retriever into the water to scoop up your disc and bring it back to you. Tie additional lengths of rope to the

Max Stick suction cup retrievers come in several different sizes. They have a metal pole 16 foot retriever, and their carbon fiber poles come in 5 foot and 20 foot models.

Max distance suction cup retriever

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Water Bottle

A water bottle should be a staple for every disc golfer. Carry some ice cold water in the summer or a hot beverage in the winter.

An insulated water bottle will keep your water cold during your entire round. Innova, Trilogy, and Discmania all have insulated options. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Discraft has an inexpensive squeeze bottle to make sure you stay hydrated on the course.

Want to add a water bladder to your bag? Check out the Infinite Discs Water Bladder. It has a hose and mouthpiece for a refreshing sip of water while playing. It holds 2 liters of water.

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Portable Seat/Stool

Give your legs a break between holes with a portable seat or stool. Compact and lightweight, these accessories are designed for convenience, allowing you to rest comfortably during longer rounds.

The Infinite Discs Tournament Seat is a lightweight seat that is easy to carry with you during a round. It has a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

Dynamic Discs has their Roll-A-Stool to give you a nice break while waiting to tee.

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Disc Golf Hat

Keep the sun out of your eyes and maintain focus with a breathable disc golf hat. Hats also help keep the sweat out of your eyes on a hot day.

The Alpaca Hat is arguably one of the best looking hats available! The colorful mascot of the popular Alpaca putter sits front and center on this hat. Look great while shading your eyes.

Rep your favorite brands by sporting a hat from major brands like Infinite, Prodigy, Axiom, and Clash. 

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Training Products

If improving your game is what you’re aiming for, there are several training products that will help you hit your target.

Disc Golf Net  Visionary has practice disc golf nets that come in different sizes. Practice driving without leaving home. Their nets, combined with the MVP Pod V2 disc holder, will give you a way to get a lot of practice throws in a short amount of time.


The ProPull Disc Golf Trainer will allow you to improve your strength and coordination and can be used indoors. The disc and rubber band allow you to practice the motion of throwing, while holding an actual disc.

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Give yourself a competitive advantage by finding out exactly how far you have to throw your disc. Rangefinders tell you the distance to the basket, and the elevation increase or decrease

 The Apex NF600 is a great way to get into the rangefinder game. It is specifically made for disc golf. The NF600 has multiple modes for a variety of measurements. Shows distances in feet, yards, or meters.

Disc golf rangefinder

The Apex NP600 comes with the same great features as the NF600, plus it comes with a rechargeable battery and cable.

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Make your disc golf experience even better with these essential accessories. Whether you’re focused on improving your skills, staying comfortable during rounds, or being prepared for the unexpected, these items are sure to enhance your overall disc golf experience. Happy throwing!


Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.

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