Black Friday 2019 – Full Week of Disc Golf Deals

Black Friday Disc Golf Banner

Our biggest Disc Golf Sale of the YEAR is coming up! We’ve worked hard for months to make it one of the most exciting retail events for players and collectors. From Thanksgiving, to Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, and beyond, we’ll be focusing on great disc golf brands, exclusive runs, and super deals! Let’s take a look at the daily deals and provide you with some direct links.

PLEASE NOTE: The featured discs WILL NOT APPEAR on our website until the day they are featured. So, you’ll have to wait for the right moment to actually see all the individual photos. Also, please be aware that a disc is not considered “SOLD” to you until you complete checkout. Holding discs in your shopping cart for long periods during the sale may result in somebody else completing checkout with one or more of the discs you wanted. You’ll be notified BEFORE paying if something you wanted is no longer available.

Wednesday, November 27th – INFINITE DISCS DAY

We’ll start off our Black Friday Disc Golf Deals Week on Wednesday. The focus will be on the Infinite Discs brand, but also launch some of the week-long deals and offers! The Infinite Discs brand will continue on sale throughout the entire sale.

Infinite Discs Aztec

Infinite Discs Brand Sale

Infinite Deals Box and Putter Packs

Infinite Disc Golf Bags

All Week Deals

DGA Baskets On Sale


Metal Flake Glow C-Blend AZTEC (XXL Alien Stamp or Bottom Stamp)
I-Blend AZTEC (Limited Edition Stamp)
G-Blend AZTEC (Limited Edition Stamp)
Special Edition White S-Blend PHARAOH with XXL Hieroglyphics

Infinite Deals “Mystery” Boxes On Sale All Week
Myth Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Tomb Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Scarab Putter 10-Pack On Sale All Week
Infinite 3-Disc Starter Pack On Sale All Week
Infinite Discs Next Gen Towels On Sale All Week for $3.99
Infinite Discs Rubber Wristband for $.99
Infinite Discs Lanyard for $1.99
Infinite Discs Starter Bag $9.99
Infinite Discs Large Bag $19.99
Infinite Discs Large Bag With Backpack Straps $24.99
Infinite Discs Slinger Bag $15.99
Infinite Discs Brand On Sale All Week
DGA Mach Lite and DGA Mach Shift Discounted Until the End of the Year
Free $20 Gift Card With Purchase of Disc Golf Backpack with value over $70
Free $20 Gift Card With Purchase of Disc Golf Cart

Thursday, November 28th – MVP / AXIOM / STREAMLINE DAY

On Thursday, we’ll focus on MVP, Axiom, and Streamline Discs. We’ve got a lot of fun stamps this year for the collectors and fans. The three-foil stamping on blank discs makes these discs a perfect canvas for fun artwork.

Dino Brawl on MVP and Axiom

Marm O. Set Stamped Discs


“Smokey” Black Proton VOLT with Special Edition Stamp
Thought Space Athletics “Dino Brawl” Stamp on Many Disc Models
Marm O. Set “Mistletoe Scorpion” Stamp on Select Models
Marm O. Set “Santa Claws” Stamp on Select Models
MVP, Axiom, and Streamline On Sale All Day

Friday, November 29th (BLACK FRIDAY) – INNOVA DAY

Innova is very established as one of the most trusted and beloved disc brands in the world and we’re excited to throw the spotlight on them for Black Friday Disc Golf Deals with some special runs and stamps.

Black and White Novas and Destroyers

Innova Discs On Sale


Black and White NOVA
The “Bread” Trilogy – Firebread, Thunderbread, and TeaBread
The Infinite PIGS Stamp Trilogy
“Destroy!” Stamped White and Pink STAR DESTROYER
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber Stamp on Many Popular Models
Innova On Sale All Day

Saturday, November 30th – TRILOGY DAY

We’re excited to throw the spotlight on three top-notch disc golf brands on Saturday– Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs deals. We have some fun exclusive runs and specific “Door-Buster” disc deals prepared.

Tournament Burst Maiden

Mermaid Trident

Trilogy Door Buster Disc Deals


Mermaid Stamped Metallic Opto TRIDENT
Tournament Burst MAIDEN with 4 Different Stamps
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber on Many Popular Models

Door-buster Disc Golf Deals on Limited Quantities of These Discs:
Tournament Burst Shield $9.99
Classic Moonshine Deputy $9.99
Prime Burst Moonshine Warden $7.99
Moonshine Emac Truth $9.99
Biofuzion Truth $8.99
Biofuzion Sheriff $8.99
Origio Burst Moonshine $7.99
Fuzion Burst Warden $9.99
Lucid Captain $9.99
Moonshine Queen $9.99

Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs On Sale All Day

Sunday, December 1st – SUPER SUNDAY

There are simply not enough days in a week to spotlight all the great disc golf brands on the market. So, we take this special day to give a discount on some of the cool brands that you love to throw. Or maybe you’re just itching to try some of the discs by these brands.


Gateway Wizard

Kastaplast Berg and Reko

Mint Discs Disc Golf Deals - profit

Many Disc Golf Brands On Sale


Though Space Athletics Aura MANTRA New Release
Gateway WIZARDS with Special “Cool Wizard” Stamp
Kastaplast “Floating Island” on K1 BERG, K3 BERG, K1 REKO
Mint Discs Limited Edition Stamped PROFIT
Thought Space Athletics On Sale All Day
Gateway On Sale All Day
Kastaplast On Sale All Day
Mint Discs On Sale All Day
Legacy Discs On Sale All Day
Viking Discs On Sale All Day
Millennium On Sale All Day
Yikun On Sale All Day
HyzerBomb On Sale All Day
Daredevil Discs
RPM Discs On Sale All Day

Monday, December 2nd – DISCRAFT DAY

Discraft had a smoking hot year in 2019 and we’ve got a couple of fun custom run discs for you to check out, plus the brand is on sale all day.

Discraft Buzzz GT and Banger GT

Discraft Discs On Sale


ESP BANGER GT – Special Run
ESP BUZZZ GT – Special Run
Infinite Discs Roman Bomber Stamp on Many Models
Discraft On Sale All Day

Tuesday, December 3rd – DISCMANIA DAY

Discmania made some interesting moves this year as they started releasing discs manufactured in other parts of the world alongside their well known discs manufactured at the Innova factory. We’ve got a fun, exclusive run of FD discs for the fans on Tuesday.



Metal Flake C-Line FD – Special Run
Glow C-Line P2
Discmania On Sale All Day

Wednesday, December 4th – PRODIGY DAY

Prodigy has been making some moves recently with great performances by sponsored pros and some great new discs and plastics in their line-up. Be sure to grab a couple of the logo stamped special editions to end our week of sales.

Prodigy Special Edition Discs


Black 350G PA-3 with Prodigy Star Stamp
Black 350G MX-3 with Prodigy Star Stamp
400 Spectrum D2 with Prodigy Star Stamp
Prodigy On Sale All Day


Thanks for making these fun promotions and special editions possible through your support of Disc Golf as a sport and your support of Infinite Discs!

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Watch for More “Infinite Bomber” Stamped Discs

Infinite Discs recently started adding some unique inventory to our online store. For those players who like to pull discs out of their bag that stand out from the discs in other player’s bags, we started making some special stamped discs which are only available at Infinite Discs. The first of these special stamps is one that we call the “Infinite Bomber”.  The first discs we stocked with the Infinite Bomber stamp were a batch of Wizard putters from Gateway, which had the stamp presented in full size on the discs. We then brought in a batch of discs from Innova including popular disc molds like Destroyers, Valkyries, Firebirds, Teebirds, Aviars, Novas, Rocs, Wraiths, and more. They sold quickly!

IMG_-d190cbTo finish up the month of August, we brought in a fresh batch of discs with Infinite Bomber stamps from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside. They include popular molds like Rivers, Judges, Justices, Mauls, Defenders, Destinies, Harps, Diamonds, Trespasses, Pures, and more.  Once again, they are selling quickly as players find their favorite discs in their favorite colors with the fun stamp.

Now, as we head into the conclusion of the 2016 summer season and into autumn, more Infinite Bomber stamps are on the way. You’ll soon see a selection of popular discs from Discmania showing up on the Infinite Discs website. A few other brands will follow. Here is how you can search to see which discs are available with the Infinite Bomber stamp at any given moment.

First go to the Infinite Discs store website. Then follow these steps:

1 – Click on the “Advanced Disc Search” button on the top of our website, or click here.
2 – Check-mark the box that says “Extras” in the search window.
3 – Scroll down until you see “Infinite Discs Stamp” and check-mark that box.
4 – Click the “View Individual Discs” box and scroll through the discs and add what you want to your cart! This will show you all the disc colors, weights, etc. with the stamp.

OK, now that we’ve talked about the Infinite Bomber stamp, maybe you think there is another little design out there that is more your style and that makes the statement that you want to make? Well, we have good news for you. These stamps will be limited editions! We won’t keep any single stamp going indefinitely. If you like the Infinite Bomber, then get them while you can. Another exclusive Infinite Discs stamp is coming in a few weeks, and we call it the “Infinite Illuminati”.

If you are especially fond of exclusive stamps on great discs and want a surprise each month, then be sure to join the Infinite Discs VIP Club which is a disc-of-the-month subscription program, presenting limited edition, one-time runs of premium discs with special stamps. Each month you’ll get a surprise in your mailbox with a new disc to throw (or to collect and hang on your wall). READ HERE about the Infinite Discs VIP Club.