Axiom Vanish Announced! More Plasma, Special Stamp

MVP and Axiom fans rejoice!

Today MVP and Axiom Disc Sports announced some big upcoming discs to be released on Friday, April 29th. These releases include Plasma editions of the Axiom Theory and the Insanity, along with a new Axiom disc called the Vanish.


The Vanish has been much anticipated by the community since its appearance on the PDGA Approved Disc list a couple of weeks ago in early April, and after much speculation, the mystery is over. Axiom describes the disc as a middle ground between the MVP Wave and the Orbital. It will debut in Neutron plastic in both a regular stock fashion at our regular Neutron price of 15.95, as well as a special edition stamp described as the 1616 Special Edition Vanish. This disc will be higher speed and offer a straight to understable flight path depending on wind direction and thrower power. You can pre-order both editions at:

Axiom Vanish Pre Order

The manufacturers note that both of the new Plasma molds have a bit more of a shoulder, accompanied by a slight increase in dome and a subsequent boost to glide in flight. If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent Axiom Plasma released and fully appreciate how sweet the metalic two-color Plasma GYRO™ build looks, head over to the site at:
Axiom Plasma Proxy
Axiom Plasma Crave
Axiom Plasma Envy

MVP also announced new Multicolor Tri-Lit LED Lights for night rounds. The new editions include the MVP Circuit logo so that you can add a bit of MVP brand to any of your discs for rounds when you don’t want to lose any of your beloved plastic to the darkness.

So far the Axiom Plasma editions of the Envy, Proxy, and Crave have seen a lot of support! What other molds are you excited to be released in Plasma plastic?

New Disc Golf Bags of Early 2016

It is only March and disc golf season is in full swing, or shall I say flight? Recently a series of bag releases has us excited around the office. New innovative bag offerings from both Dynamic Discs, Innova, and Prodigy are poised to add many new options to the already rapidly growing disc golf bag scene.

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O

Dynamic Discs released their Ranger H2.0 and Sniper Backpacks two weeks ago, and after a few test rounds with each we are extremely impressed with these new designs. The Ranger H2.0’s disc notches in the bottom of the heavy duty weather ready bag are truly very nice innovations, as discs stay anchored in their spots as the wearer moves around to their lie. New features like this combined with things like the rain hood and water proof material making up the bottom of the bag definitely come together into a backpack loaded with value, without adding much of any weight to the original Ranger Backpack.

Dynamic Discs' Ranger H2.0 Backpack

Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack

The new line of Sniper Backpacks from Dynamic are no less impressive, coming in at a $69.99 price point without sacrificing the comfort that is a huge selling point of larger backpack bags. The Sniper is still tall enough that it does not look like a child’s backpack, like some other low-cost backpacks seem to. With a capacity of 16 discs in the main compartment the user has plenty of options while on the course. The Sniper keeps to Dynamic’s tradition of bags that hold plenty of discs within a comfortable and non-encumbering profile.

Dynamic Discs' Sniper Backpack

Innova Heropack

Much like the Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack, the Innova Heropack comes in at a low price point, right at $89.99. The Heropack is a wider backpack that can hold 25 discs in the main compartment, and it features two easy to access putter pockets as well. Notably, the Heropack comes in a very wide variety of colors and patterns, the fan favorite so far being the green plaid option. The Heropack is a great option for anyone looking for a high-capacity low-cost backpack.

Innova Discs' Heropack

Prodigy Pro BP-1

Prodigy’s Pro BP-1 has just been revamped in time for the Spring 2016 season, featuring new colors and a rain cover for the early season rain. Keeping with the idea of bags to keep you prepared, Prodigy also released their Practice Bag, a large duffel-like bag that holds 45 drivers or 30 putters. This bag is perfect for carrying around large quantities of discs for field throwing or just casual practice rounds.

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack

Most recently, Dynamic officially released their newest member to their growing family of high-quality bags, the Commander Backpack. Coming in at a price point right between the Ranger H2.0 and the Sniper, the Commander is a wider backpack that can hold 20 discs in its main disc compartment, and comes with all of the convenient pockets and putter holders. For $119.99, this bag is the ultimate combination of quality and affordability.

These are all great options if you are looking to upgrade your bag as the season picks up. You can stick with your current bag manufacturer, or try something new out. All that really matters is that you go play!