2022 Disc Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

During the holiday season we like to put together a list of fun gift ideas to help you shop for the disc golfer in your life. It is also a great way for disc golfers to help their sweethearts know what to shop for!

Here is the 2022 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide!

Disc Golf Discs!

While it can be challenging finding the exact disc that your disc golfer throws, it’s easy to look for special discs that will stand out in their collection. Special stamps, signature discs, Christmas discs, and limited edition discs are fun to receive as gifts.

Signature Series Discs – These are discs which support the top players in disc golf. They are often designed by the actual player, and are limited in number. As your disc golfer who they would love to throw a round with and you’ll learn who their favorite players are. Pro series signature discs are especially good gifts for avid players who like to support their favorite professionals.

Limited Edition Discs – Disc golf manufacturers release discs that are only available in limited numbers and for a limited time. These collectable discs are fun to own and frequently go up in value.

Holiday Themed Discs – Every year there are several manufacturers that release holiday themed stamps on their discs. These include the Christmas holiday, and also scary Halloween-themed stamps. Start a tradition by getting your disc golfer a cool holiday stamp every year!

Infinite Halo Discs – A fairly recent creation in disc golf is the ‘halo’ disc, which is a discs there the rim of the disc is a different color than the rest of the disc. These are good looking discs and very popular. Recently, Infinite began producing some of its molds with the popular design.

Thought Space Athletics Discs – If you want to find some of the best looking stamps in the business, check out the discs from Thought Space Athletics. Their designs are on another level and the molds come in a variety of flight ratings. They have amazing plastic, too!

Deals Boxes – Want to give your disc golfer a bunch of new discs to try out? Do you love trying new discs? Deals boxes are an economical way to try a variety of molds and plastics. They are also perfect for trying new molds. Get the deals box size that works for you.

Misprint and X-out Discs – Pick up the same great mold that you normally throw, but at a cheaper price! You’ll always find all kinds of brands and molds in this category. Great for the disc golfer who wants more plastic for their money. Perfect for disc dyers who will wipe the stamp.

Bigger Gifts       







Disc Golf Cart – One of the best things for the die-hard disc golfer is a disc golf cart. They make hauling around a bunch of discs a lot easier and give you more room for snacks, accessories, and backup discs. Help your disc golfer take his game to another level by putting a cart under the Christmas tree. And don’t forget the accessories that make a cart extra special!

ZUCA – If you want a cart for your bag or a cart that holds your discs, check out the ZUCA options to fulfill your Christmas list.

Rovic – The Rovic is a stable cart that holds any bag and wheels around the course effortlessly.



Check out all the cart options HERE

The Power Pocket – The number one disc golf cart accessory! This putter pouch holds up to 8 additional discs for easy access. It attaches to the pole of the ZUCA cart, keeping your go-to discs within reach. Additional storage for a rangefinder and mini. Plus a pocket in front that is perfect for your phone or a snack. It can also be attached to the Rovic Cart using bungee cords.



Check out all the cart accessories HERE

Practice Baskets
– The best way to improve the disc golf short game is to have a practice basket handy for regular putting/approaching. A portable basket can be moved around a yard to give disc golfers different looks with different obstacles. They can also be used on courses to add new holes.

Black Hole Pro HD with Transit Bag – The Black Hole Pro HD even comes with its own carrying bag!

Streamline Lite – The Streamline Lite is an inexpensive way to get a quality practice baskets.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket – The Mach Shift is a nice Hybrid basket that works as a narrow target basket and a full-size basket.

See all practice baskets HERE



MVP Pod – If you’re looking for the perfect companion for a practice basket, check out the MVP Pod. It holds up to 25 discs while you’re practicing your putting or driving. It keeps your discs easy to reach, which maximizes your practice time.



Disc Rack – Organizing our discs is something every disc golfer grapples with. A disc golf rack is a convenient way keep discs from ending up in stacks and piles around the house. They make storing and searching for discs a breeze!


Disc Boxes – If you have discs that you want to stash, but don’t want to put them in a random-sized box, check out the disc box options at Infinite. Fill up these custom sized boxes with your extras and they will fit perfectly! Also a handy option if you need to transport a bunch of discs.



A Year-Long Subscription to the VIP Club – If you want to impress an avid player or disc collector, you can purchase a complete, one-year subscription to the Infinite Discs VIP Club. Give the gift that will give your loved-one a collectible, limited edition disc every month for a year, mailed directly to their door!

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIP CLUB before subscriptions close in 2023.

Medium-size gifts


Rangefinders – Rangefinders help disc golfers with their disc selection by giving accurate measurements to the basket. Used in practice rounds and tournaments, these handy little gadgets help get holes dialed in for lower scores





Retrievers – Losing a disc in a pond or in a tree is a frustrating part of our game. Having a retriever not only helps disc golfers keep their discs, but they pay for themselves after retrieving just a couple of discs.


Bags – Whether it’s a first bag to hold all the discs you’ve been carrying, or a second, smaller bag for quick rounds or rounds with a couple discs, your disc golfer will appreciate getting a bag for Christmas. The Infinite Discs Huck Pack is a great size for a starter bag. It is also perfect for a backup bag for time where you just want to take a few discs with you.





Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Hoodie – Who doesn’t love reppin’ their favorite retailer by wearing a hoodie? Grab an Infinite hoodie for your disc golfer and they will stay warm while showing everyone that they order from the best retailer in the world!



Check out other apparel HERE

Disc Puzzle – Stuck in the cold for the winter and unable to get outside to throw your discs? Consider this 1000-piece disc puzzle! It’s a fun gift that can keep a homebound player happy for hours!

Stocking Stuffers


 Night Gliders – Don’t let the setting sun stop you from playing a game of catch with your friends. The Dynamic Discs Night Glider is an easy-to-throw disc with built-in light for playing in the dark. A great way to warm up before a night round!




Galaxy Starter Bag – An inexpensive bag that is perfect for beginners, or experience disc golfers looking for a bag suitable for a quick round with a few discs. Small enough to be easily carried, yet roomy enough for a handful of discs, a drink, and some snacks.

Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Towel – One accessory that every disc golfer will use as some point is a towel. Great for rainy days or hot, sweaty days. Also nice to have when playing near streams or ponds. Morning dew will no longer be an issue with a towel in your disc golfer’s bag.







Books – Your disc golfer will learn strategies, find out about disc golf history, and discover the mental aspects of the game when you get them a book for Christmas. Plus, they can still stay engaged with the sport by curling up with a book on those stormy days.


Night Round Accessories – Disc golf isn’t just a game played during the day. Many people love to gather at night for a fun round of glow disc golf. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Glow plastics with a good UV flashlight make for an enjoyable round. Getting lights that attach directly to their discs is another option that will let your night owl have fun in the dark!


Check out disc lights HERE

Check out night round accessories HERE


Hats – Be sure to check out our wide selection of hats and beanies. Show the world that you love disc golf by sporting a hat with your favorite brand’s logo. The hats come in a variety of colors and designs.


Check out hats and other apparel HERE

Other gift options


Foam Kneepad Mini – For those times when you have to take a knee for your shot, the foam mini makes a nice cushion. And it can serve as a mini marker, too. Keep one of these cushy minis in your bag!

Check out all of our mini’s HERE

Grip Enhancers – Playing in wet or humid weather can affect our grip on our discs. Grip enhancers are a great way to help us get the exact feel that each disc golfers want. Check out the variety of Grip Enhancers that we offer, and pick one for your disc golfer (or YOU!).




Gift Cards – If you aren’t quite sure what your disc golfer wants for Christmas, we still got you covered. Check out our E-gift cards! Our E-gift cards are also great for those last-minute gifts that sneak up on us. They are available in a variety on denominations, the gift card is the best way to make sure people get the gifts they want!

Great Disc Golf Christmas Gift

What is a Disc Golf Christmas Gift you have given or would like to receive?

Comment on what you think the best disc golf gifts are in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.



2018 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

  • Every year at Infinite Discs we try to put together a unique, fun list of gift ideas for disc golfers. Let’s take a look at the 2018 holiday ideas that we feel would please any disc golfer…


Of course, no disc golf will turn down more discs for the holidays. But where do you start if you don’t know which specific discs they need in their bag? You might as well get something that is fun to throw and collectible, or that shares a little holiday spirit. That way, whether they throw it, or keep it as a memento, they’ll be happy. Here are a few holiday discs you might consider:

FULL FOIL BUZZZ — The most popular midrange disc is the Discraft Buzzz and this year they’ve unleashed a huge selection of Buzzz discs with beautiful FULL FOIL designs (full color images on foil that covers the entire top of the disc). You can even get Star Wars licensed full foil discs now, along with several bee themed, limited edition discs. What disc golfer wouldn’t want a shiny, colorful disc as a gift?


HOLIDAY EDITION DISCS — Several different brands make holiday edition discs. We have a lot of discs that were released as Halloween discs if your disc golfer prefers more of a spooky edge, no matter what time of year it is. Or, if you want a “Happy Holidays” disc from Legacy, or a “Naughty and Nice” Teebird3 from Innova, we’ve got them.

You can BROWSE THE HOLIDAY SELECTION HERE and filter by brand or disc type to find exactly what you like among the holiday editions.


    • — One of the most popular gift ideas purchased during the holiday season, without fail, is the Infinite Deals Box. These are 7-disc package sets with a variety of different disc models from different brands, including stock stamps, tournament stamps, misprints, and more. It is a great value and an adventurous way to give a pile of discs to a player so that they can try them out and possibly find some new favorites! We have four different Deals Box sizes to choose from:

MYTH 10-DISC PUTTER PACK — We also have a selection available of 10-Disc MYTH Putter packs. The MYTH is a slick, beaded putter by Infinite Discs, and we’ve had so many customers ask for bulk packs of putters that we made these as a way for people to get a lot of practice putters for a very low price. Why do disc golfers need so many putters? Because putting is one of the most important parts of the game, and it is easier to practice when you’ve got a big pile by your side.



If you want to impress your disc golfer for the holidays, hit them with a big ticket item that they will love but might not have felt ready to purchase on their own.  These are our favorite ideas…

ROVIC DISC GOLF CART — One of the newest disc golf carts this year is the ROVIC RV1D which was altered by a golf card company to handle the demands and needs of disc golfers. It puts the disc golfer’s bag on wheels and provides extra storage space for additional accessories. It also folds into a more compact size for storage and transport to the disc golf course. It comes in a few color combinations.


ZUCA CART — One of the most popular disc golf carts for the frequent disc golfer is the Zuca cart which is built to carry a maximum quantity of discs, provides a place to sit during long rounds, and carries a variety of accessories. There are also many other features which can be added to the Zuca cart, like padded seat cushions, more drink holders, putter pouches, and more. There are color combinations available for any taste.



PORTABLE PRACTICE BASKETS — Any disc golf would be utterly impressed by their own, portable disc golf practiced basket. There are a wide variety of baskets available on the market by a lot of different manufacturers, all with the intent to provide an easy way for players to practice in their yard, set up small courses, or take with them on camping trips, etc. Here are some of the newest and most popular options:

Black Hole Pro with Transit Bag — The Black Hole Pro is a very popular practice basket by MVP and this year they’ve added a Transit Bag as an easy way to carry the broken-down basket from place to place.

Discraft Chainstar Lite — This is one of the newer portable baskets that is high quality with a few different color options to choose from. For your $150 range, this is one of the best options.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Basket — This new basket offering from DGA is unique because it can be changed from a standard size that has double-layered chains, to a narrow putting practice basket, to a macro-basket for an even smaller target. For those who want to spend a little more for a variety of configurations, it is the perfect choice.

DGA Mach Lite — This is our favorite and by far the best-selling collapsible basket. It is easily folded and transported inside a shoulder carry case, yet is very sturdy and well constructed. This year it was released in orange and green as new color options.

Discatcher Sport — This portable basket by Innova has sold a lot at the end of the year because it has been steeply discounted. Quantities are running low, so it is one of those “get it while it is cheap” deals that may not last through the end of the year.


One of the newest items in our inventory at Infinite Discs this year is a nice selection of sturdy, high-quality disc golf shoes by Adidas Terrex brand. These are light weight, but sturdy outdoor shoes that were designed for handling all kinds of terrain, whether mountainous or groomed parks. They are also able to handle a lot of side-to-side torque that is inflicted upon the shoes of disc golfers when throwing discs at high speeds. The soles are high quality and very long-lasting, plus you can get the most popular models with GTX for extra waterproofing against rain or dew-covered grass so your feet don’t get wet. We’ve selected what we believe are the best shoes for disc golfers from the huge Terrex line.

AX2R — one of the most popular and least expensive options

AX2R GTX — the waterproof version of the popular AX2R

SWIFT R2 — a higher-end shoe that pro disc golfers have loved

SWIFT R2 GTX — the waterproof version of the awesome Swift R2

AGRAVIC GTX — the highest quality shoe we carry, with a long-lasting construction, waterproofing, and “boost” technology for extreme comfort when worn for long periods

AGRAVIC SPEED — the most lightweight option for fast movers and travel light but want comfort


One of the most exciting things you can give to any hard-core disc golfer or disc collector is a one-year membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club.  That way, the disc golfer you love will receive a unique, collectible disc every month, automatically, as well as discounts on the Infinite Discs website and access to exclusive releases in the VIP Club Store.

SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP HERE (select the pre-paid annual option, or pay month-to-month for as long as you want)


Maybe you don’t have a huge budget, but you want to get your favorite disc golfer something nice that is under $100. Here are a few fun ideas that will fit the bill…

Infinite Disc Slinger Bag — The Infinite Disc Slinger is designed for affordability, ease, and comfort for quick disc golf rounds. It provides a quality bag option for beginners as well as experienced players who simply want to grab a dozen discs and hit the course. This is the perfect crossover between traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. You can throw it over your shoulder (the strap can be adjusted for whichever shoulder you prefer), carried in your hand, or slung across your body like popular sling bags.  It is available in black or blue.

Infinite Stealth Bag with Water Bladder — The Infinite Stealth Bag includes both a Stealth Bag and the 2.0 liter water bladder. This is the perfect solution for hot rounds on rugged terrain where you want to carry light but still keep hydrated. Never worry about the extra fluids when you’re in the middle of a long round, and don’t worry about lugging around a lot of weight. This bag is designed to travel light and fast.

Large Selection of Apparel — Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, or sweatshirts, or jackets, or hats, there is a huge selection of apparel options from many brands on the Infinite Discs website. These choices fit any taste of budget. Check out those apparel options HERE.

GRIP6 Belts — One of the hottest new apparel items for disc golfers this year has been the Grip6 line of belts. These are long-lasting, flexible belts that provide comfort as well as dependability. They are designed to last a lifetime. They come in several colors with different style buckles. You can pick a specific waist size, or you can select the “own size” option where an extra long belt can be cut and prepped for your own, specific size.

DiscDiver Retriever — There is one thing certain, when it comes to the game of disc golf….if there is water present on the course, the discs will find their way into that water. The DiscDiver Golden Retriever is designed to help disc golfers drag the bottom of those pesky ponds and lakes to retrieve their lost discs. These are excellent tools that almost every disc golfer wishes they had at one point or another. These is also the slightly altered Disc Claw which accomplishes the mission nicely.

Trooper Backpack — One of the most popular entry-level backpacks comes from Dynamic Discs. The Trooper has been a top seller for any player who wants an inexpensive yet comfortable backpack to carry their discs around the course. Thought it doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, it covers all of the baskets and is perfect for players who have over a dozen discs and want a way to carry them inexpensively.

Disc Golf Books — While there haven’t traditionally been a lot of books available for disc golfers, we’ve been hunting some down. They always make an interesting, less expected gift. The newest addition to our small book selection is the new DISC GOLF REVOLUTION by Jack Tupp.

This is a book that presents disc golf’s irrefutable case as the ideal sport for the 21st century. If you see yourself as part of the ‘Grow the Sport’ movement, The Disc Golf Revolution is for you. Keep it on hand and give copies as a gifts to those who needs to know the full story.


These small items would be fun for little gifts to any disc golfer. They don’t take a lot of space, they aren’t expensive, and they can add a little fun to your Christmas morning…

Pro Tour Trading Cards — These fun cards are a great surprise for any fan of professional disc golf. There are 9-card booster packs as well as 65-card decks and they carry a mixed variety of cards featuring the top professional players, top courses, and top disc golf awards. Plus they can be traded with other pro disc golf fans to build a complete collection. You can buy several boosters to pass around to all of the disc golfers in your life.

Disc Golf Towels — Towels are frequently needed by disc golfers to keep their discs dry, and we’ve got a variety of different towels, from lightweight to thick and absorbent. They can easily be stuffed into any stocking.

Pyrohyzer Glass Mini Discs — Another fun product that Infinite Discs started carrying this year is the unique glass mini discs by Pyrohyzer. Each mini is handmade and entirely unique. The prices vary depending on the amount of extra features, like “shatter” patterns, swirls, glow-in-the-dark, and etching. Though these glass minis are nice enough to display, they can be used as mini markers during disc golf rounds. They’re definitely a top-notch gift idea that fits into the stocking.  Also available in MICRO MINI sizes.

Stress Mini / Knee Pad Mini — These unique mini markers were designed to take away your stress before or after putting by squeezing them to your heart’s content. They squash into your hand but are sized just right for marking your disc’s lie. But they’ve also become quite popular as knee pads during rounds when players need to kneel on the hard ground to put from under a tree or out of shrubs, etc. Thus they have become a multi-purpose mini disc. Plus, they fly nicely too if you want to play a fun indoor or outdoor came of catch.

Whale Sac — These little, hand-sized bags are filled with clay to help players dry their hands during disc golf rounds, particularly when it is hot and fingers can lose a grip on the disc. While there are many similar grip-enhancing bags like this on the market, the Whale Sac has been one of the most popular because they are produced by professional disc golfers, and they feature a cool “tail” to use for tying them onto a bag, backpack, or cart.

Pocket Discs — Every year we see an increase in sales for Pocket Discs because they are such a fun little idea for disc enthusiasts to throw around the house. They fit in the stocking, or in a pocket, and are hand-woven as a floppy, soft, catch-and-throw disc. There is a regular sized indoor pocket disc for $9.99, or a larger, heavier “El Grande” pocket disc for $19.99 if you want more distance and higher performance.

Friction Gloves — While these might appear to be somewhat expensive gloves at first glance, they are actually worth every dollar for disc golfers who want to play when it is cold outside. They take the bite out of the cold air, but more importantly, they provide extra grip on the disc, even when the plastic is wet. That way, disc golfers can play in the gold without taking gloves off to throw and putting them back on again to warm up. If you don’t want to buy a pair of the Friction Gloves, they are also sold separately for single hands, so that the throwing hand can have the enhanced grip.


Of course, if you’re out of ideas, or you simply prefer to let your disc golfer pick their own discs or accessories, you can count on gift cards. Infinite Discs has two options for gift cards:

E-GIFT CARD — Delivers a code to the specified email address which can be used to purchase product on the website.

PHYSICAL GIFT CARD — We ship a plastic gift card to you so that you can wrap it, put it in a stocking, or hand it to the recipient.


Please post in the comments below about your ideas as ideal gifts for disc golfers. We’d love to know, and there are other shoppers out there who are looking for great ideas. 

We randomly selected a winner for a PyroHyzer trophy disc from the comments. Congratulations, Blain, for the win!


It’s Not Too Late for Disc Golf Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for someone who loves disc golf but don’t know exactly what to give them? With thousands of different disc models, plastic types, styles, bags, and accessories, how do you choose?

A gift certificate to disc golfs largest online retailer is the perfect gift. With a selection of 35,000 discs from 42 different brands, as well as all the most popular accessories, apparel, bags and carts — your disc golfer will be sure to get exactly what they want. We not only offer incredible prices and fast shipping, but we also take individual pictures of every disc we have in stock.

At Infinite Discs, we have two different kinds of disc golf gift cards:

Electronic Gift Card

Infinite Discs Electronic Gift CertificateWith the time it takes for shipping, it’s likely too late to get a physical package by Christmas. It’s never too late to give an instant E-Gift card.

The Infinite Discs electronic gift card is easy to send and will arrive in a matter of seconds. We offer e-gift certificates from $10 – $300. A fourteen digit gift certificate code with your selected dollar value will be instantly emailed.

When filling out our E-Gift card order form you have two recipient options:Where to have your electronic gift certificate go.

1. Have the electronic gift card emailed directly to the recipient. With this option, the gift card code will go directly to the “receiver” email address at the time your payment goes through. This means that if you don’t want the recipient to receive the gift card yet, you will probably want to use option 2.
2. Email the gift card to yourself.  By entering your email address in the “receiver email” field, the e-card code will go directly to your email inbox where you can print it up, decorate it, laminate it, frame it, or do whatever you want to best present your gift.

Physical Gift Card

For those who are looking for something physical to present, we also offer a physical gift card that will be mailed through the USPS. Physical gift cards are currently available in $20, $25, $50, $100, and $250 values. Redemption of physical gift cards works exactly like an e-card. Each physical card includes a unique 14 digit code that is entered as payment method during check out. Because these are physically mailed, allow up to a week for delivery.

Redeeming Infinite Gift Cards

To redeem an Infinite Gift card you simply enter the gift card code at checkout. Please note that this is NOT a discount code. Discount codes are promotional codes that give a discount on an individual order. If you’re now intrigued by discount codes, the best way to be alerted of discount codes is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Gift cards are a form of payment. Gift card codes are entered as a payment method by selecting the second “Gift Card” tab on the order summary screen:

How to Redeem Your Disc Golf Gift Card.

Customers can save up and enter any number of gift card codes for redemption. The Infinite gift card balance never expires so your recipient can stock up or save gift certificates until there is something that they really want or need.