Best Disc Golf Discs for 2024

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Throughout this month we’ve checked out the best discs for 2024. We looked at the sales data and the customer ratings so you can have a list of discs to check out when you’re in the market for a disc. We started with the Best Distance Drivers of 2024, then looked at the Best Fairway Drivers, then the Best Putters, and finally the Best Midrange discs. Now we’re going to compile the best of those into one list. We’ll also include some lists of the highest rated discs in those same categories. Let’s go!

Highest Rated Discs: Finding Out Which Discs People LOVE The Most

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The Infinite Discs rewards program includes incentives to give reviews about discs and accessories that we offer. We show the results of those ratings on every product page. The rating system allows customers to rate a disc/product on a scale from one to five stars, as well as give brief reviews about the item. This valuable feedback gives seeking customers insights to what their fellow disc golfers think about the disc/product.

Infinite discs has pages which show the highest rated discs on a single page, to give you an overview of the top rated discs. Bookmark these pages and refer to them next time you are shopping, to help guide your purchases.

Top Selling Feature: The Discs That Are In Demand

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Since we sell hundreds of thousands of discs at Infinite, we like to share with you which ones are the top sellers so you can see which discs are the most popular. We’ve compiled a list of the top-selling overall discs of 2023. Check out these molds when you are in the market for a new disc.

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023         

Overall Best Discs

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name Disc Type
1 MVP Glitch Putt & Approach
2 Discraft Buzzz Mid Range
3 Innova Wraith Distance Driver
4 Infinite Discs Alpaca Putt & Approach
5 Infinite Discs Emperor Distance Driver
6 Innova Destroyer Distance Driver
7 Axiom Hex Mid Range
8 Discraft Zone Putt & Approach
9 Axiom Envy Putt & Approach
10 Infinite Discs Tomb Putt & Approach
11 Infinite Discs Dynasty Control Driver
12 Infinite Discs Pharaoh Distance Driver
13 Innova Pig Mid Range
14 Kastaplast Berg Putt & Approach
15 Infinite Discs Maya Distance Driver
16 Gateway Wizard Putt & Approach
17 Innova Mamba Distance Driver
18 Axiom Proxy Putt & Approach
19 Infinite Discs Sphinx Control Driver
20 Infinite Discs Centurion Control Driver
21 Dynamic Discs Judge Putt & Approach
22 Discraft Luna Putt & Approach
23 Innova Firebird Control Driver
24 Axiom Crave Control Driver
25 Latitude 64 Pure Putt & Approach
26 Innova Aviar Putt & Approach
27 Innova Leopard Control Driver
28 Infinite Discs Aztec Distance Driver
29 Innova Mako3 Mid Range
30 Innova Teebird Control Driver
31 Axiom Insanity Control Driver
32 Innova Valkyrie Control Driver
33 Thought Space Athletics Construct Distance Driver
34 Discraft Athena Control Driver
35 Infinite Discs Anubis Mid Range
36 Latitude 64 River Control Driver
37 Innova Tern Distance Driver
38 Innova Rollo Mid Range
39 Innova Leopard3 Control Driver
40 Latitude 64 Diamond Control Driver
41 Discraft Heat Control Driver
42 Thought Space Athletics Mantra Control Driver
43 Innova Beast Distance Driver
44 Thought Space Athletics Votum Control Driver
45 Innova Thunderbird Control Driver
46 Innova Shryke Distance Driver
47 MVP Watt Putt & Approach
48 Infinite Discs Roman Control Driver
49 Clash Discs Wild Honey Distance Driver
50 Innova Roadrunner Control Driver

Best of the Best Discs

1. MVP Glitch – If you take a great throwing disc and mix in MVP Glitch - Top Selling Disc of 2023a pinch of endorsement by a popular pro and you have a recipe for a lot of sales. The putter is easy to throw, popular among all skill levels, and comes in some cool stamps. The Glitch had hot sales when we could keep them on the shelf. I anticipate the Glitch being a contender for the best-selling disc of 2024, too. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance and see why it is so popular!

2. Discraft Buzzz – The popularity of the Discraft Buzzz has been consistent since the mold was introduced. The midrange has a beautiful, reliable flight that can be used in a variety of scenarios. It is a disc that professionals, amateurs, and everything in between, can put in their bag and know it will be thrown a lot.

3. Innova Wraith – Another historically popular mold, the Innova Wraith is a regular top seller. With a flight similar to the amazing Destroyer, the Wraith has a slightly lower speed rating, and is a great distance driver when you are looking for maximum distance. Its slight turn can result in effective hyzer-flips, while its fade is reliable, but not overbearing. It can be purchased in most every plastic so you are sure to find it in one that suits your skill level and grip preference.

4. Infinite Discs Alpaca – Ever since its release, the Infinite Discs Alpaca Infinite Discs Alpaca Hathas been a hot-selling putter. It has the stability that makes for a great throwing disc and the controllability that makes it good for putts and approaches. It has been available in a ton of really cool stamps, adding even more character to the popular mold. The Alpaca would find a good home in any bag.

5. Infinite Discs Emperor – The Emperor has been a hot seller for Infinite since it came out half a decade ago. Like the best distance drivers, the Emperor has a precise combination of turn and fade. That combination translates to crushing drives and shapeable shots. The Emperor continues to sit on the throne of the top discs that we sell.

Top Disc Golf Brands

Nearly three-fourths of the discs in the top 50 were made by three brands: Innova, Discraft, and Infinite.

Innova started in 1983 and has 14 different molds in the top 50. They have the largest selection of discs and have sponsored many of the top world champions since they began.

Discraft had 11 molds in the top 50. They began in 1979 in Canada, before moving to Michigan to set up shop. Discraft discs are popular in Ultimate and Freestyle, as well as disc golf.

Infinite Discs tied with Discraft at 11 molds in the top 50. Infinite started in 2012 as a retailer. After several years and a lot of growth, they started selling their own molds. Some of those molds have become top selling discs.

Best Distance Drivers 2024

Putter Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Innova Wraith
2 Infinite Discs Emperor
3 Innova Destroyer
4 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
5 Infinite Discs Maya
6 Innova Mamba
7 Infinite Discs Aztec
8 Thought Space Athletics Construct
9 Innova Tern
10 Innova Beast
11 Innova Shryke
12 Clash Discs Wild Honey
13 Infinite Discs Czar
14 MVP Wave
15 MVP Tesla
16 Axiom Time-Lapse
17 Discraft Hades
18 Discraft Nuke
19 Innova Charger
20 Discraft Avenger SS
21 MVP Photon
22 Thought Space Athletics Synapse
23 Innova Corvette
24 Thought Space Athletics Omen
25 Innova Boss
26 Discraft Force
27 Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
28 Infinite Discs Slab
29 Discmania Cloud Breaker
30 Innova Katana
31 Discraft Thrasher
32 Discraft Zeus
33 Lone Star Disc Curl
34 Discraft Scorch
35 Latitude 64 Sapphire
36 Thought Space Athletics Animus
37 Innova Orc
38 Latitude 64 Grace
39 MVP Inertia
40 Discraft Nuke SS
41 Finish Line Discs Interval
42 MVP Octane
43 Dynamic Discs Trespass
44 Axiom Fireball
45 Discmania DD1
46 Discraft Venom
47 Clash Discs Vanilla
48 Dynamic Discs Sheriff
49 Lone Star Disc Warbird
50 Discmania DD3

Brands in the top 50


Lone Star Disc logo


In addition to some of the larger brands you see in the top 50, there are several smaller brands that Infinite carries that are selling enough molds to land in the top 50. A couple of them have been featured by Infinite Discs in our ‘Smaller Brands’ series.

Lone Star Discs was featured in March of 2021. That blog can be found HERE.

Clash Discs was featured in March of 2022. That blog can be found HERE.

These two brands have grown so much in the last couple of years that they may not be considered small brands any more!

Check out the Best Distance Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Fairway Drivers 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Infinite Discs Dynasty
2 Infinite Discs Sphinx
3 Infinite Discs Centurion
4 Innova Firebird
5 Axiom Crave
6 Innova Leopard
7 Innova Teebird
8 Axiom Insanity
9 Innova Valkyrie
10 Discraft Athena
11 Latitude 64 River
12 Innova Leopard3
13 Latitude 64 Diamond
14 Discraft Heat
15 Thought Space Athletics Mantra
16 Thought Space Athletics Votum
17 Innova Thunderbird
18 Infinite Discs Roman
19 Innova Roadrunner
20 Infinite Discs Exodus
21 Innova Sidewinder
22 Discmania FD
23 Discraft Undertaker
24 Infinite Discs Scepter
25 Discraft Raptor
26 MVP Volt
27 Westside Underworld
28 Finish Line Discs Era
29 Innova Hawkeye
30 Innova Eagle
31 Innova TeeBird3
32 Axiom Rhythm
33 Discraft Passion
34 Kastaplast Falk
35 Discraft Anax
36 Doomsday Discs Blackout
37 Latitude 64 Saint
38 Thought Space Athletics Coalesce
39 Innova IT
40 Dino Discs Pterodactyl
41 Lone Star Disc Mockingbird
42 Discraft Cicada
43 Innova TL3
44 Dynamic Discs Escape
45 Discmania Essence
46 MVP Servo
47 MVP Terra
48 Westside Hatchet
49 Lone Star Disc Lariat
50 Axiom Trance


Picture showing Dino Discs, one of the fastest growing disc golf brands.

Dino Discs made the top 50. The brand has a variety of molds tailored to young players who might be just starting out. If you have a young disc golfer in your life, or someone who struggles with heavier discs, have them check out the discs as Dino Discs.

Check out the Best Fairway Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Midrange Discs 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Discraft Buzzz
2 Axiom Hex
3 Innova Pig
4 Innova Mako3
5 Infinite Discs Anubis
6 Innova Rollo
7 Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
8 Discraft Buzzz SS
9 Innova Roc
10 Infinite Discs Chariot
11 Innova Roc3
12 MVP Reactor
13 Discraft Buzzz OS
14 Latitude 64 Fuse
15 Innova Toro
16 Discraft Meteor
17 Kastaplast Kaxe Z
18 Finish Line Discs Supra
19 Axiom Paradox
20 MVP Uplink
21 Thought Space Athletics Mana
22 Lone Star Disc Texas Ranger
23 Dino Discs Stegosaurus
24 Innova Wombat3
25 MVP Matrix
26 Discmania MD1
27 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
28 Streamline Echo
29 Clash Discs Berry
30 Dino Discs Brachiosaurus
31 Discraft Comet
32 Infinite Discs Kon Tiki
33 Discmania MD3
34 Doomsday Discs Frag
35 MVP Deflector
36 Discraft Sol
37 Kastaplast Svea
38 Lone Star Disc BB6
39 Latitude 64 Claymore
40 RPM Discs Piwakawaka
41 Prodigy M4
42 Kastaplast Kaxe
43 Discraft Malta
44 Axiom Pyro
45 Clash Discs Peach
46 Innova Jay
47 Discraft Archer
48 RPM Discs Kotuku
49 Dynamic Discs Justice
50 Discraft Drone

Innova Rollo Midrange - Top Selling new release of 2023

The Innova Rollo was introduced last year as a roller disc for everyone. Apparently everyone wanted a roller disc, but because their sales took off and landed them in the top 10. We’ll have to see if the disc can sustain those hot sales.

Check out the Best Midrange Discs of 2024 here.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters 2024

1 MVP Glitch
2 MVP Watt
3 Infinite Discs Alpaca
4 MVP Glitch
5 Innova Aviar
6 Infinite Discs Alpaca
7 Discraft Luna
8 Discraft Zone OS
9 Discmania Rainmaker
10 Discraft Luna
11 Discmania P2
12 Dino Discs Triceratops
13 Kastaplast Berg
14 Innova Aero
15 Infinite Discs Alpaca
16 Innova KC Pro Aviar
17 Kastaplast Berg
18 Viking Discs Rune
19 Kastaplast Berg
20 Infinite Discs Tomb
21 Infinite Discs Alpaca
22 Thought Space Athletics Muse
23 Discraft Zone
24 Innova Alien
25 Axiom Envy
26 Discraft Zone
27 Discraft Zone
28 Gateway Wizard
29 Innova Polecat
30 Axiom Envy
31 Axiom Envy
32 Thought Space Athletics Praxis
33 Infinite Discs Tomb
34 Infinite Discs Tomb
35 Prodigy PA-3
36 Discraft Zone
37 Discraft Luna
38 Kastaplast Reko
39 Infinite Discs Alpaca
40 Discraft Zone
41 Latitude 64 Pure
42 Discmania P1
43 Infinite Discs Tomb
44 Discmania P2
45 Infinite Discs Tomb
46 Axiom Proxy
47 Kastaplast Berg
48 MVP Anode
49 Gateway Wizard
50 Latitude 64 Pure

Kastaplast Falk and Berg. Top 50 Discs.

Kastaplast is a smaller brand that has amazing plastics and popular putters, the Berg and Reko. The Berg is the disc used by Infinite’s team member, Eric Oakley. Kastaplast is a Swedish company and the names of their discs are Swedish words: Berg = mountain, Falk = falcon, Reko = good, reliable or decent.

Check out the Best Putters of 2024 here.

More Best Disc Features

This is just a sample of the many best-selling disc features we have. Bookmark these links to find the best disc golf discs for you.



Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • Think you got to rushed to publish.

    “The Berg is the disc used by Ininite’s [typo] team member, Eric Oakley.

    Best Innova Discs links to Best Very Overstable Disc Golf Discs

  • I’m not understanding why the putters are renamed multiple times. Couldn’t those slots be used for other putt and approach discs? The Judge, Warden, Deputy, Whale and Colt are all fantastic putters that I feel should have made the list. But I’m new to the game, this is my second year, so I’m not well enough versed. I’ve only broke 400ft about 6 months in, and ever since I’ve been hooked. (RHFH with a Raider) I’ve developed my RHBH as well as LHBH and nothing humbles one like watching your drives eat dirt early, because you’re too stubborn to disc down. I’m not afraid to throw the Leopard3 instead of the Queen. For now. I can rip that Mamba though. Love that disc. Take care, Happy Slinging!!

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