Now on Google Plus – Prodigy D4 Giveaway now has a Google+ Profile. After learning that G+ is one of the top four social networks today, we thought it was about time we got on the ball.

There’s only one problem. What good is a social network profile, if you don’t have anyone to socialize with?

To encourage people to “follow” us, we’re giving away a new 171 gram Prodigy D4. This is a yellow first run disc worth $20. Many intermediate disc golfers are finding they can get more distance with the D4 than any other driver!

We will use the G+ social portal to announce free disc giveaways, new discs released, top rated discs, and other informative and entertaining things related to the sport.

To be eligible for this giveaway, simply follow us by March 1st, 2013.

As long as you have a google (gmail) account, it’s super easy to set up a G+ profile. If you don’t have a Google account, you should get one. There are so many free and useful tools by google, you might as well take advantage of them.

See ya on Google Plus!

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Prodigy Return Form

You may return any overweight Prodigy disc which you received from us.

In order to reduce the cost and complexity of this operation, we would like to send the discs to Prodigy in one batch. Please let us know if you will be sending your Prodigy disc back by completing the form below.

Exciting Things in 2013

January 29, 2013 — The last part of 2012 was both the launch of as well as exciting growth for the disc golf world. Many of you have inspired us to continue to bring bigger and better things for the upcoming year.

We would like to let you all in on a few of the plans which we have for this year.

Disc Giveaways

For those reading this right now and just want to know how to win some plastic, jump ahead to the rules of entry by clicking here. Otherwise, continue reading for some great info!

In our first month and a half of business, we gave away fifty custom stamped Skyquest Medusas. In 2013, we would like to focus on both highly popular discs which are a staple to disc golfers, and new releases to support smaller/ up and coming disc manufacturers.

Our first giveaways of 2013 will be Prodigy’s first run D1 and D4. Because of the incredibly high demand for these discs, and the limited release, the retail value of these is currently $20! We sold out of the discs set aside for pre-sale within hours of our official pre-sale announcement.

We feel that one of the best ways to give back to those who give so much to the sport is to do a variety of giveaways. Giveaways may include: best/favorite photos submitted, best reviews submitted, random Facebook fans, random disc reviewers on our site, and many others!

Check our Facebook page (Facebook page here) frequently for disc giveaways. Also feel free to subscribe to our newsletter here to receive emails of giveaway news, sales, and upcoming disc releases.

New Disc Releases

As mentioned above, 2013 is bringing many new and exciting discs to the market. Smaller players are bringing higher quality and better flying discs to the table more and more frequently, giving the major disc brands some competition. All-in-all this is great for the sport as manufacturers continue to step up their game, producing better discs, increasing competition, and lowering cost.

  • Vibram recently released the Lace, in their popular X-Link rubber, and plan to release it in X-Link firm within the next month. This disc hit the market and instantly became arguable the furthest flyer – our experience shows this disc is perhaps the best for ‘big arms’. Pre-orders for that will be available soon.
  • MVP Disc Sports recently released the Volt as a fairway driver. At the beginning of February, expect to see the MVP Shock hit shelves as a more overstable Volt.
  • Westside Discs in 2012 that they would be releasing three more discs in the earlier part of 2013 – The Underworld, Tursas, and the Stag. These discs look to expand the variety of discs in the midrange game and add even more to a players arsenal.
  • Prodigy Disc has made a huge splash on day 1 of 2013. Credibility for this small company who has their fair share of the worlds elite disc golf professionals is yet to be established. With their first distance drivers to be released within days, the rest of their lineup will be following within the next few months. What will the discs be called? The M1, M2, M3, and M4 for midranges and P1, P2,  etc. putters respectively?
    To date, Prodigy has done a good job at keeping everyone within the disc golf community guessing. Release dates on the remainder of the Prodigy line is still ambigious, subscribe to our newsletter for updates!
  • Dynamic Discs recently made their own product line, with the Trespass, Escape, Fugitive and Judge. We will be carrying these discs shortly!
  • Legacy Discs now has a full line up of golf discs. They recently released on overstable fairway driver the Rival, and will be releasing the understable Patriot within the next week.

Expanded Product Lineup

Within the next few months, we are going to be able to offer more than just discs. We will be expanding to offer a variety of baskets, bags, and other disc golf gear!

At this point, we have no intention to place our stamp on any of the product – watch for that in 2014. For now, we would just like to get disc golf gear to you quickly, and at lower cost.

Live Inventory

Many of you have frequent questions about which inventory we have in stock. One of our upcoming projects is to display live inventory – this is under development so may take some time.

In the mean time, if you ever have a question on available discs, please feel free to email us at

Warmer Weather

If the weather where you live is anything like what we’ve experienced, you’re probably ready for warm sunny days. Infinite Discs will be the official sponsor of all nice days in 2013.

We look forward to many other great things to come in 2013! Feel free to email us with any questions, or even post your comment below! Thanks for taking the time to read.

Win a Prodigy D1 or D4

On February 4, we will be giving a Prodigy D1 to one winner, and a D4 to another different winner.

Entry to win is simple, all you need to do is two things:

  1. Click the Facebook “like” and “send”
  2. Comment below by letting us know what you are looking forward to in 2013 for disc golf (or just let us know that you pushed like)!

The email address you use in your comment below will be how we contact you if you won

– Thanks for reading, from your friends at

Vibram Lace to Be Released in X-Link Firm

The “farthest flying disc in the world” will soon be released in a firmer Vibram rubber. The Lace originally released on November 23, 2012 took the disc golf world by storm. According to Inbounds Disc Golf, this is the farthest flying disc in the world, and an amazingly straight flyer for such a fast disc. Right now the Lace is available in the ultra durable and grippy X-Link firm rubber.

Order the X-Link Firm Lace Here

Vibram just announced that the Lace will be released in a firmer X-link on March fifth. This is great news for golfers who want this great disc in a harder blend. We should have the X-Link firm Lace available for pre-order by the middle of February. For those who pre-order, we will have our inventory ready to ship out on March 5, 2013.

Fun Fact About Vibram
Q: Do you know the correct pronunciation for the word Vibram?
A: V-ee-brum

It’s true, the letter i in there makes makes an ee sound, and the a-m makes a sound like um (not an am sound). Of course, don’t be a stickler over this – the most common incorrect pronunciation is V-I-brum. If you don’t follow the phonetics of the explanation, don’t worry either – just keep throwing the disc!

It isn’t uncommon for companies to have their name mispronounced, and nobody is offended when the phonetics don’t seem to match up. Just ask Ryobi (Ree-Oh-Bee) and Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday) about that.[/box]

Prodigy Discs ALMOST Available for Pre-order

We just received word that we “should” be able to make our official order of Prodigy discs within the next “day or two.” We have already been promised 50 D1’s and 50 D4’s, but until we actually see the shipping tracking code, we’re a little hesitant to start taking orders.

Apparently Prodigy has some little technical thing with their bank that they need to resolve before they can accept payments and start sending discs out to retailers.

It sounds like they are just as anxious to get the discs out to the public as we are to receive them.

If you’re chompin’ the bit to get your hands on Prodigy plastic, be patient. Technical issues with new businesses usually take a lot longer to resolve than they should. Last week Prodigy told us that they should be able to start shipping discs out “Monday or Tuesday.” That obviously didn’t happen.

Prepare to wait a few more weeks, but if we get good news sooner, it only makes things that much more exciting.

We’ll make an announcement and start taking pre orders as soon as we know are discs are on their way.

Winter Disc Golf

Although many people think disc golf goes into hibernation during the winter months, the sport actually does not die when the air gets chilly! In fact, quite the opposite. Local leagues and clubs gather throughout the winter and continue to compete on a weekly basis. Tournaments, known as “ice bowls”, are hosted during winter months and profits from the competition are typically donated to local charities and food banks.

Don’t stop playing disc golf just because the days are dark and the weather is cold.

Best Speed 7 Drivers

top Fairway Drivers

To my surprise, the highest rated disc golf disc is a speed 7 fairway driver. The Innova TeeBird is the standard of excellence and nearly every driver is compared with this top rated disc. While it’s not the fastest disc, the TeeBird is loved for its accuracy, control, and ability to resist turning over. From twenty different voters, the TeeBird has a perfect 5 star rating. Every voter has said that this disc is a “must have.”  While there are 18 discs on our website classified with speed 7, only three of them have ratings above 4.5. Here is more information about the top rated fairway drivers as rated by our reviewers:

Innova TeeBird – The gold standard of disc golf drivers. This classic disc is found in the bag of thousands of serious disc golfers.

Here are some of the comments by the 20 voters who rated the TeeBird with a perfect rating of 5.0.

Sean Steele says:

Probably the smartest thing you can put in your bag for whatever skill level. If you’re a beginner a DX Teebird can be your max D overstable wind fighting driver. As you progress and get better you will get more in other plastics yet still love this disc. It’s the one disc I can reach for when I don’t know what else to throw and instantly give me confidence. Fights wind, bad form, and anything else you can do to make it not work and it still works. Best rating I can give for any disc.

Shane says:

I recently lost both of my TeeBirds in one round. I nearly quit the game of disc golf, not wanting to go on without the single greatest disc ever created. I’ve talked 2 friends into buying some and they’ve turned to it almost as much as I have. It’s the perfect problem solving disc that will help you out of any situation as well as give you added confidence to fire one down a narrow fairway. There’s really nothing this disc can’t do. Twas truly a dark day when they went missing. I mourned for the appropriate 5 days before getting back on the course.

Innova TL – A relative of disc golfs top rated driver, the TL (Teebird Less Overstable) has slightly less fade at the end of its flight. Not nearly as many disc golfers have experienced the TL, and from four votes, this disc has a rating of 4.75.

Clayton Upper says:

If you are ever stranded on a desert island, and that desert island for some reason has a ancient disc golf course, and you have one disc, this should be it. It is very versatile. It powers down nicely, so can be thrown mid range distance without a huge fade out. It can also be powered up nicely, especially on anny routes, to fall just a few feet shy of the big rimmers, with a lot more forgiveness. Beginner friendly and expert sexy.

Latitude 64 River – The River is loved for its amazing glide. For newer disc golfer, this disc will fly farther than anything else. While it glides farther, the River is “touchier” than the TeeBird, and it doesn’t have as high of rating. From 14 votes, the river has a rating of 4.5.

Kyle Cook says:

My current driver of choice, especially in the Gold Line plastic. Not only do these discs look AWESOME, they fly great. You can easily put the River on a variety of lines, and count on it to finish reliably every time. I like to throw disc on a straight line and just let the disc do the work The pearl look to the Gold Line is an added bonus.

To check out all the top rated fairway drivers with ratings and reviews, click this link.

Prodigy Disc Golf

Prodigy Disc Golf has entered the scene by making a huge splash, pulling the biggest names in disc golf to join their team at launch.

Prodigy’s lineup will be a “limited release” and they announced that they would like to have their full lineup available by mid-spring. The first discs will be the drivers, followed by putters, then midrange, and capping off their releases with fairway drivers. Prodigy is using (what appears for now) a very basic naming scheme such as the “D1” and “D2” for distance drivers. The naming scheme appears to be very similar to that used by Lightning Discs.

[two_third]Much is still unanswered about Prodigy discs – what will the quality of plastic be? Will they bring any unique aspect to the sport?

Speculation also surrounds Prodigy, but by pulling heavyweights in the sport immediately at launch, they have established immediate credibility.

This is the second major disc golf lineup brought to attention in just one month, as Dynamic Discs released their lineup earlier in December.

Buy Prodigy Disc here

This gives players even more discs options to become familiar with to find the perfect disc to dominate the game.

We at are pursuing retail agreements, and hope to be able to release the Prodigy lineup as it becomes available. You can see our full lineup of Prodigy Golf Discs by clicking here: Prodigy Golf Discs

When our pre-order was announced for Prodigy Discs, we sold out quickly! More releases will be on the way – if you want to know exactly when our next pre-order will start, join our mailing list!


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