Focus Friday – Infinite Discs Emperor on Sale

FOCUS FRIDAY– Infinite Discs Emperor

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we look at one of the most popular distance drivers on the market.. The Emperor from Infinite Discs.

An emperor is a monarch who typically holds absolute authority over an empire. Emperors are historically associated with ruling over vast territories and diverse populations. The title “emperor” is often used to denote a ruler of higher rank than a king, and the term has been employed by various cultures throughout history, such as the Roman Empire, Chinese dynasties, and others. Emperors often symbolize the pinnacle of political power and are considered the highest authority in their respective realms.

You too can conquer the disc golf course with the Emperor from Infinite Discs. This is a moderately overstable, powerful distance driver that outclasses every other similar driver on the market. The Emperor finds its way in the bag of almost every Infinite sponsored player, even though they have the choice of throwing any brand. Pick up an Emperor today and see for yourself.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, get any plastic of Emperor 25% off with this discount code – FOCUSEMPEROR

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
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Best Disc Golf Putters for 2024

Disc Golfer putting in the woods

It’s a new year and once again we’re going to take a look at the best putters for 2024 based on the sales at Infinite Discs. This will let you know what molds are hot, and which ones you should consider trying. We’re also looking for feedback from you, so make sure you comment for a chance to win a gift card! Later this month we’ll be looking at the best distance drivers, control drivers, and midrange discs. Be sure to check back.

The putter category can really be broken down into two types: Putting putters and throwing putters. The putter we use when we’re in circle one is most likely a different one than we would use off the tee pad. Although we will look at the two types of putters later, for now we are going to combine them and find out which molds sold the most for 2023.

Top 50 Disc Golf Putters Sold in 2023

Top 50 Best selling disc golf putters of 2024


1-MVP Glitch
2-Infinite Discs Alpaca
3-Discraft Zone
4-Axiom Envy
5-Infinite Discs Tomb
6-Kastaplast Berg
7-Gateway Wizard
8-Axiom Proxy
9-Dynamic Discs Judge
10-Discraft Luna

Taking the number one spot is the popular throwing putter, the Glitch. MVP released the mold in 2022 and the sales took off. Last year the Glitch represented over 7% of all putters sold. That number is 2% more than the second place Alpaca. The Alpaca was last year’s number one disc. The Zone is the third member of the podium. The Zone and Glitch are more commonly used as throwing putters, while the Alpaca is known for being a putting putter.

Check out the top 20 best-selling disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Top Brands for Best Putters

Graph showing disc golf brands with their numbers of top selling putters

Taking a look at the brands in the top 50 we see that MVP has the most molds in the top 50, including the number one spot. Last year Innova had the most top 50 discs, but this year they dropped to a 2-way tie for second place. They tied with long-time rival Discraft. Eighteen different brands made up the top 50, with seven of those having only one mold.

Highest Rated Disc Golf Putters

One of the great benefits to using the Infinite Discs site to shop is that you can read the reviews and see the ratings for discs you are interested in trying. Over time, the ratings become a great way to see what your fellow disc golfers think about certain molds. If you aren’t familiar with the Infinite Rewards program, where you can earn rewards by giving reviews, check it out HERE and help our review data by giving feedback on your favorite discs.

We wanted to look at the discs in several different categories and see which molds are the top rated in those categories. We’ll start with the highest rated disc golf putters of all time.

All-Time Highest Rated Putters

The Discraft Zone edged out the Infinite Discs Tomb for the number one spot by a hundredth of a point! The Zone has an average rating of 4.89 out of five while the Tomb is rated 4.88. Both of these discs are throwing putters. The Alpaca is only a hundredth behind the Tomb to make a very close top three!

Discraft Zone Approach Disc - Not generally used as a putter but overall classified as a putt and approach disc.

#1 Discraft Zone  – The zone is popular and highly rated partly because of its overstability. It can handle any headwind and nearly every arm and still get good distance. Plus, its thick rim feels amazing to grip and gives you confidence in your drives and upshots.

#2 Infinite Discs Tomb

#3 Infinite Discs Alpaca

Check out the top 20 highest rated putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Very Overstable Disc Golf Putters

You might not have heard of the Goliath Discs Pillar before but it is the highest rated very overstable disc. The Pillar has a perfect 5-star rating! It helps that there are only two reviews for the disc. That really skews the data, but I’m okay giving them a mention. Taking second (or first, depending on how you feel about the first one) is the Discraft Zone. In third place with a 4.68 star rating is the Prodigy A1.

Goliath overstable putter


#1 Goliath Discs Pillar – The Pillar is the overstable putter in the Goliath discs lineup. The Iowa company got their first mold approved two years ago and have been designing and releasing discs regularly since then. The Pillar is one of the beefiest discs in their lineup and it is available in the Oasis plastic, which is a premium plastic.

#2 Discraft Zone

#3 Prodigy A1

Check out the top 20 very overstable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Overstable Disc Golf Putters

When James Conrad threw his Envy into the basket on the last hole at the 2021 World Championships in Utah (I was there!), he certainly gave a nice boost in sales for the putter. The Axiom Envy holds the top spot in the ‘overstable putter’ category with 4.87 out of 5 stars. Taking second place is the popular Berg from Kastaplast. In the final podium spot is the long-time Gateway hit, the Wizard, which averages 4.72 stars.
Although any putter could be used as a thrower or a putter, most of the discs in the Very Overstable and Overstable Putters categories are used as throwing putters.


Axiom Envy, top selling disc golf putt and approach disc.

#1 Axiom Discs Envy   – The overstable, throwing/putting putter has an overstable flight, but is still shapable and useful in a variety of situations on the course. The Envy’s profile is a little thinner than some putters, which is appealing to many. An older, more beat in Envy can be used in tight fairways and situations where control is crucial.

#2 Kastaplast Berg

#3 Gateway Wizard

Check out the top 20 overstable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Stable Flying Disc Golf Putters

A couple of Infinite molds sit atop the list of highest rated stable putters. The Tomb at 4.88 stars and the Alpaca at 4.87 stars. The best-selling disc of 2023 takes third with 4.85 stars. The disc rating drop off slowly as people really like a lot of discs in this category. Discs with stable flights can be used by such a large number of people with differing skill levels and in a large variety of situations. That is why there are so many on this list that are top selling discs, too.
Although many of the discs in this category are mainly throwing putters, they can also be used as putting putters. Look at this category as a list of the top putting putters.

Infinite Discs Tomb best putt and approach disc

#1 Infinite Discs Tomb – The Tomb is a beaded putter with just enough stability to give the disc a wide range of uses. Comfortable and easy to throw for beginners, the Tomb can also be a valuable weapon for advanced players. It is available In many different plastic types and weights, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

#2 Infinite Discs Alpaca

#3 – MVP Glitch

Check out the top 20 stable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Understable Disc Golf Putters

Although the understable putter category has some well-known names in the top 10, such as the Fierce and the Dynamic Discs Deputy, it is also full of lesser known brands and molds. Most disc golfers will have heard of Prodigy and their PA5, which is the highest rated understable putter. They may not be as familiar with the Mobius and RPM’s Tui, a New Zealand brand and disc. Check out the top 20 to see how many of brands you are familiar with.

Prodigy PA 5 best understable putter


#1 Prodigy PA5  – Described as a “silky smooth understable putt and approach disc that has the ability to hit and hold turnover lines and can perform straight hyzerflips”. The speed 3 putter has a little glide and a good amount of turn. Can be used on the putting green for straight putts, or as a driving putter when you need to flex around objects. The PA5 is available in many different Prodigy plastics.

#2 RPM Discs Tui

#3 EV-7 Mobius

Check out the top 20 understable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Let Us Know About YOUR Favorite Putters!

Those are our lists of the top putters with sales and ratings data. Now we want to hear from YOU!

1 – What is your favorite/go-to throwing putter?
2 – What is your favorite/go-to putting putter?

Here are the randomly selected gift card winners:
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Kyle S

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Robert S

Fastest Growing Disc Golf Brands of 2023

Lone Star Disc Fast Growing Sponsor 2023

2023 is over and we’re having some fun looking at the numbers. Overall, our direct retail sales were down significantly in 2023 compared with 2022, but there are some disc golf brands that saw an increase in sales.

These were the fastest growing disc golf brands of 2023:

2023 Sales Growth
ABC 152.75%
Clash Discs 119.47%
Doomsday Discs 73.57%
Goliath Discs 69.44%
Kestrel 64.10%
Disc Golf UK 43.33%
Black Zombie 40.63%
Lone Star Disc 29.17%
XCom 28.51%
Axiom 15.26%
Latitude 64 7.12%
Guru Disc Golf 5.74%
MVP 4.47%
Birdie Disc Golf Supply 0.25%

Most of these brands are relatively small, so an increase from 100 to 152 discs sold isn’t particularly remarkable. ABC Discs primarily increased in sales because, well a few of their molds actually existed and were available for in 2023 when only one did in 2022.

Some major disc golf brands did experience sales growth even during a market downturn.

MVP’s Growth in Market Share

MVP and Axiom discs saw significant increases in 2023. Our Axiom sales increased by 15% and MVP grew by 4.5%. This growth is all the more impressive considering that, for a large part of the year, their most popular molds, especially the best-selling MVP Glitch, were often out of stock. The MVP family of disc brands really is the only brand that we still cannot keep in stock at will. Every time we attempt to make a restock order, the MVP order form remains very limited, and their fulfillment is not exactly next day.

The signing of Simon Lizotte last season appears to have been a hugely successful decision. All of the Simon Line discs have performed remarkably well this year, and we even had people camping out in front of Infinite Discs in hopes of getting one of our limited edition Timelapse discs.

MVP hype is the real deal right now, especially with so much competition in disc golf manufacturing. The combination of unique discs using Gyro Technology, along with the notable signing of the most popular professional disc golfer in the world, seems to have created a perfect storm of marketing excitement. Additionally, the most exciting and improbable win in the history of the disc golf World Championship, achieved by MVP-sponsored player James Conrad, certainly doesn’t hurt the brand.

These were the top-selling MVP and Axiom Discs of 2023.

Simon Lizotte MVP

Disc Golf Brands to Watch in 2024

In terms of the fastest-growing brands, Clash and Doomsday are definitely ones to watch as they saw the largest jump in sales in 2023.

Clash Discs

Clash Discs implemented an aggressive marketing strategy, including major sponsorships of professional disc golfers, tournaments, and advertising campaigns. Despite being one of the priciest brands in disc golf, their investment appears to have been worthwhile. Clash now boasts a full line of discs and has introduced several limited edition sets and completely unique double-mold plastic variations exclusive to this brand. Our Clash sells (on discs alone and not including any of the sets) more than doubled in 2023 where we saw a 119% increase.

It remains to be seen whether this trend will continue or if the Clash hype was just a temporary fad. It appears that Clash is reducing its sponsorships of professional players this year. Although Clash Discs are indeed premium and of the highest quality, it is uncertain whether buyers will continue to choose this brand when they can purchase discs from other brands at a significantly lower cost.

Doomsday Discs

With their distinctive apocalyptic branding, unique disc designs, and efforts to foster a disc golf community, Doomsday experienced significant growth in 2023. They introduced a variety of new molds across their disc lines produced worldwide and now boast 24 different discs either announced or in production. Doomsday offers an intriguing selection of unconventional “weird” discs that attract attention to the brand, as well as a stable array of affordable, mainstay discs for regular play. With their unique offerings, Doomsday’s sales impressively increased by 73% in 2023!

Similar to Clash, a large part of Doomsday’s growth stemmed from the addition of many new discs to their lineup. As the pace of introducing new discs eventually slows, it will be interesting to see if Doomsday’s popularity continues, or if the brand is attracting mainly one-time customers more interested in experimenting with their unique disc designs.

Lone Star Discs

Lone Star was our fastest growing brand of 2022. They started 2023 strongly but experienced a slight decline towards the middle of the year. They have now become one of the larger brands in disc golf, offering a full line of discs with 38 different Lonestar molds available for sale.

On the year, Lone Star was our #8 selling brand overall. This graph shows Lone Star’s sales ranks among all disc golf brands we sell by month in 2023.

Lone Star Sales Rank

Their aggressive “team” growth at the end of 2022 undoubtedly had an impact, but it seems that their PR image has also suffered as a result. Many believe that by allowing almost anyone to join, that the costs for team members outweigh the benefits of sponsorship. Additionally, their professional team has taken a hit with the departure of key players such as Emerson Keith, Chandler Kramer, and Lisa Fajkus, who have moved on to other sponsors.

Despite the claims in their commercials, there have been numerous complaints about the quality and consistency of Lone Star’s plastic production. This negative PR has slowed the rapid growth we saw from Lone Star in 2022. It appears that Lone Star may have grown a little too quickly.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 also demonstrated impressive sales growth of 7.12%. This is notable with as big as a brand as Latitude 64 already is and as much market share that they have. The outstanding performance of Kristin Tattar, the premium plastic lines, and it’s reputation as the most professional disc golf manufacturer undoubtedly played a crucial role in maintaining the prominence of this major disc golf brand.

In the past Dynamic Discs has been our top selling trilogy brand but this year, Latitude 64 regained the top spot and was our 6th best selling brand overall.


Disc golf’s landscape is always shifting, shaped by its pro scene and the strong opinions of players and fans alike. The influence of the professional scene, sponsored players, and grassroots brand perception is more pronounced in disc golf than in almost any other industry.

Today we spotlight the disc golf brands that surged in 2023, but keep your eyes peeled for a potential shake-up as 2024 unfolds. Will the new sponsorships of Gannon Buhr and Eagle McMahon catalyze significant growth for their respective sponsors, or will 2024 witness minimal shifts in the disc golf industry? Time alone will reveal the outcome.

Photos courtesy of DGPT

Best Disc Golf Plastics

Disc tote holding a variety of different disc golf plastics.

As disc golf grows in popularity, so does the choices of molds and plastics. The type of plastic we choose for our discs has a big impact on the flight of the disc. Not only do different plastic types directly affect the stability and flight, but the feel of the plastic can affect our grip and confidence. In this blog we will talk about the best plastics in several different categories.

Plastic Characteristics

If you look at any disc on Infinite’s website, you’ll see a graph for each plastic type. The graph rates three characteristics of that particular plastic, and those three may make a difference as to whether we buy the plastic or not. Those three characteristics are Durability, Softness, and Grip. Those qualities will help us as we discuss the best plastics for each category that we will explore. Let’s find the best plastics!

Best Disc Golf Plastic For Drivers

Discs featuring Innova Star plastic, the most popular disc golf plastic.

When we reach for our drivers, we are more likely to be going for distance and throwing with more power. That means we will be hitting objects harder, and a more durable plastic would be preferable. However, durability is a double-edge sword when it comes to drivers. An extremely durable plastic will give you a longer life and once its broke in it will keep that flight for a long time. On the other hand, it may take a long time to break in, leaving you with a less than desirable flight. Overall, a durable premium plastic is desirable in a driver. That is why there are so many durable plastics in the top 5.

One exception is DX plastic. DX is a base plastic that beats in quickly. It is inexpensive, making it a great choice for beginners, or people wanting to try new molds. Although it does get seasoned quickly, it can also get too beat in, making it flippy.

Here are the top five best plastics for drivers:

  1. Star – This popular plastic comes in a variety of colors and molds. It is durable and has an amazing feel.
  2. ESP
  3. Neutron
  4. I-Blend
  5. DX

Best Plastic For Putters

Purple MVP Glitch in Neutron Soft plastic

When looking at the most popular plastic for putters, you get two different grip extremes. Softer, grippier plastics are great for short range putting due to their ability to ‘grab’ the chains. However, stiffer plastics are great for driving or approach shots. Here are the top five plastics for putters:

  1. Neutron – Some of our best-selling approach discs come in Neutron plastic. It is a durable plastic, and the overmold adds another layer of durability.
  2. D-Blend
  3. DX
  4. P-Blend Glow
  5. ESP

Best Plastics For Dyeing

Disc golf plastic good for custom disc dyes

Disc dyeing is a popular activity among disc golfers. It allows the dyer to unleash their creativity and end up with a unique disc. There are many different methods for dyeing a disc, but the goal is the same: to get the dye into the disc. They type of plastic used makes a huge difference in the results of a dye. In this category, premium plastics rule the day. Base plastics can be dyed, but the results are never as good as dyeing premium plastics.

Here are the best plastics for dyeing discs:

  1. Star – A white Star disc will give the best results from dyeing. It makes colors pop and resists bleeding.
  2. ESP
  3. S-Blend
  4. Prodigy 400G
  5. Tournament

Best Plastic For Winter

Disc golfer throwing a grippy disc in the snow.

Playing disc golf in cold weather presents some new challenges for those willing to brave the cooler temperatures. First, discs fly differently in colder weather. The plastic is stiffer and you get less glide from your discs. They also tend to be more overstable due to the air density. Grip is also affected by the cold stiff plastic. And cold temperature disc golfers always run the risk of cracking their discs due to hitting a solid object like a tree or light post. With those challenges in mind, we can explore which discs are best for winter play

  1. GStar – Not only does the GStar excel in winter golf, it has a sheen and textured look that is beautiful. GStar plastic remains soft even in cold weather, giving you a consistent feel year ‘round.
  2. Neutron Soft
  3. Base Plastics
  4. G-Blend
  5. FLX

Honorable mention: Elevation Discs – Elevation’s extra-soft materials are just as floppy in winter as in summer. Try one of their molds and see what the hype is about.

Best Plastics For Beginners

Group of disc golfers waiting around before a league round.

When we are starting out in disc golf, most of us experiment with molds and plastics until we find the discs that work the best for us. A great plastic to start with is a base plastic. Base plastics have several qualities that make them good for beginners. They have good grip and are softer than some premium discs. They also break in faster than premium discs, giving you a good flight in a shorter amount of time. Plus, they are the least expensive plastic, so if you are experimenting with molds, it won’t cost as much to try new ones.

  1. DX – This plastic feels good and breaks in quickly. Being cheaper than premium is a nice bonus.
  2. Pro D
  3. D-line
  4. X Line
  5. I-Blend

Best Plastic For Night Disc Golf

Glow in the dark disc plastic by MVP brightly glowing in the dark.

Although glow-in-the-dark plastics are common and most brands offer some glow options, not all glow plastics are created equal. Some brands get it right and their plastic glows brightly and holds it for a long time. Others have a glow so weak that it is difficult to tell if it is actually glow plastic. Night rounds are a blast and one of the things that makes it great is watching your glowing disc in flight. Having a plastics that glows bright makes it fun to watch, and makes it easier to find your disc. Here are the best plastics for night disc golf:

  1. Eclipse 2.0 – MVP has some of the best glow plastic on the planet. They are consistently bright and long lasting. Get a few MVP, Axiom, or Streamline molds for your glow rounds.
  2. Lone Star Glow
  3. K1 Glow
  4. TSA Glow
  5. RPM Glow

Most Durable Disc Golf Plastics

Durable Champion Plastic

Durable plastics are great for disc golf because there are usually lots of obstacles on a course and durable plastics can take a hit without losing its flight. Softer, less durable plastics get dinged up easier, which can alter the flight and stability of a disc. Sometimes dings and dents can alter the flight so much that it may need to be replaced.

Discs made of durable plastic take longer to get ‘seasoned’ and achieve the desired flight. But once they do, you can usually throw the disc for a long time and not lose that flight. Although the most durable discs are not indestructible, they can definitely take more abuse than softer discs. Here are some of the most durable plastics.

  1. Champion – This translucent plastic is an extra-durable workhorse. Get your favorite mold in Champion and that disc will last for a long time.
  2. Z
  3. Opto/Lucid/VIP
  4. C-Blend
  5. C-Line

Tell us about your favorite plastic, and win a gift card!

Let us know in the comments about your favorite plastic. It can be your favorite because it glows, because it’s durable, or just because it feels amazing in your hand. We’ll randomly select a few commenters and send them an Infinite gift card. (Make sure you include a valid email address.)






Focus Friday – Doomsday Wasteland on Sale

FOCUS FRIDAY– Doomsday Discs Wasteland

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we look at a brand new mold from the mysterious disc golf brand Doomsday Discs… It’s the Wasteland.

In any apocalyptic situation, you can always expect to find some barren Wasteland; a place that harbors no life whatsoever and extends on for miles and miles. That’s why it’s perfect to have a slightly overstable go-to midrange in your Doomsday Discs lineup.

The Wasteland is so new it does not have flight numbers solidified yet. At the moment, we are guessing it’s numbers are 5/4/0/1. This all purpose midrange has a shallow profile and a comfortable, smooth rim shape making it an easy choice for many.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, get a Wasteland in any plastic 25% off with this discount code – FOCUSWASTELAND

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.

Go Green: Recycled and Eco Friendly Disc Golf Discs

Environmentally Friendly Disc golf LogoToday’s disc golf discs come in a variety of colors, shapes and materials, and most are made with some kind of plastic. Synthetic plastic has been around for over a century and has shaped the way we live. However, this amazing invention does come with some baggage. First, most plastic is made from crude oil or other non-renewable resources. And second, it does not easily break down, meaning it will be around for a long, long time.

In this blog we will look at the environmental aspects of disc golf discs and discuss ways to minimize the impact. We’ll look at what some manufacturers are doing to reuse and recycle plastic discs. Plus we will talk about other ways that we can be environmentally conscious as we participate in the sport of disc golf.

Long Live Plastic

If you grabbed your go-to driver and buried it in your backyard, your great-great-great grandchild would be able to dig it up and it would still be mostly intact. It might be more pitted and have a rougher feel, but it won’t have broken down much in that time span. That is just the nature of plastic. If you throw away an old disc, you essentially are burying it, and it will be around for hundreds of years. What other option do you have?

Plastic Blends

Most discs are made with a blend of plastic types. While this makes them feel awesome in our hand, it becomes problematic if we want to recycle the disc. Products made from a single plastic type come with a recycle logo and include a number that tells you which type of plastic types that product is made from. They can easily be recycled. Multi-type plastics don’t have that luxury. But there are still options for recycling.

Manufacturer Response

Manufacturers saw a couple possible solution to recycling their blemished plastic. First, they sold discs as factory seconds at a discount from their regularly priced discs. Some discs only have minor blemishes but still have the flight characteristics of a new discs. Those discs could be sold for less that retail, keeping the plastic on the market without adding any additional processing.

If discs were in worse shape than factory seconds and not resalable to the public, manufacturers still have an option to use them instead of tossing them in a landfill. They could shred the plastic and use it to make new discs. Since they formulated the plastic, they would know its properties and know what other plastics it would be compatible with. Many different brands offer discs with pre-consumer recycled plastic.

Brands With Eco Friendly Plastics

Recycled Plastic Emblem

Innova has its Echo Star line which is made of at least 50% recycled materials.

Dynamic Discs offers discs in recycled plastics such as BioFuzion, BioGold, and Revive.

Latitude 64 reuses their discs in their BioGold and Recycled plastics.

Westside has Revive plastic, and MVP has R2, both of which use blemished plastic to create new discs.

Doomsday Discs has it’s Biohazard plastic which is partially made from recycled material.

The above plastic types are good examples of using existing plastic to make a new disc. Other brands use more eco-friendly plastics to begin with to produce a disc that doesn’t use as much non-renewable resources.

Discs Made from “Environmentally Friendly” Materials

Euro Disc is a German brand that makes ultimate and discs golf discs. They are demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Embracing eco-friendly practices, Eurodisc produces its range of frisbee discs, including Ultimate, Kids, and Mini models, from 100% bio-based organic plastic, derived from renewable resources. This approach ensures that the discs are sustainable and can be recycled through normal household waste systems.

AGL has its hemp blend, which used the amazing renewable resource of hemp to produce some of their discs.

Gateway has its Organic plastic, which uses recycled rubber and a corn-based bio-polymer to produce an amazing feeling plastic. They also off Hemp blend, which combines recycled rubber and hemp. Hemp is a renewable, natural, versatile plant that can be made into many different products.

Not Recyclable

Although the aforementioned efforts by manufactures help reduce the amount of natural resources used when making the discs we love, most of today’s discs have one issue in common: Their multi-plastic ingredients make them mostly non-recyclable.  That is the environmental cost of making disc golf discs with the current plastic choices. However, one company is trying to change that cost.

Trash Panda Disc Golf

Trash Panda Racoon Logo

I was able to visit with and interview Jesse from Trash Panda Disc Golf several years ago in Colorado. At the time, Jesse had an ambitious goal to make disc golf sustainable. He wanted to make discs out of recycled plastic, and make them recyclable, too. How has he done since then? I reached out to Jesse for an update! Here is what he said:

“Since we chatted last in my garage, we’ve released two molds made from 100% recycled plastic – the Inner Core and the Dune. With the success of those two molds, we’ve diverted 15,000 lbs of plastic from landfills and continue to exceed even our own expectations of what is possible.

“In 2023 we proudly became the first disc golf company to ever achieve B Corp certification – which is a month-long assessment that ensures companies meet the highest ethical and environmental standards.”

In addition to achieving his goal of producing a recyclable disc out of recycled plastic, Jesse and the crew at Trash Panda have set up a great program for recycling discs. Disc golfers can send in their unwanted/damaged/broken discs in exchange for a discount at Trash Panda. Those discs will then be either ground up am made into discs or other plastic products, or they will be donated to youth programs to grow the sport. Either way, the life of the plastic will be extended and will be kept out of the landfill. As of this writing, they have received over 11,500 discs and turned them into discs, minis, and Disc Dots.

What Can You Do?

Plastic Waste needing to be recycled


What you can do to be environmentally conscious?

Buy environmentally friendly plastics – Make an effort to look see what recycled options are available. Many of the recycled plastics have an amazing feel and are still durable. By voting with our wallets, maybe was can get more options in ‘green’ plastics.

Buy used – Premium discs have a long life and we can usually get a used disc much cheaper than new. As an added benefit, used discs are sometimes already broken in. That will give us a seasoned disc immediately, instead of having to play with it for a long time.

Donate your discs – If you can trade discs with other disc golfers, or sell them to a retailer, we can end up with discs that we like or want to throw without the cost of buying new. If those options aren’t available, check out Trash Panda’s recycle program and give your old discs a new home.

There may be many aspects of our life where it is difficult or impossible to make a difference for the planet. Disc golf is not one of those things. Our sport comes with an environmental cost, but the steps we’ve outlined will help make disc golf more sustainable into the future. It always feels good to help with the environment, and if we can be helping while playing disc golf, that is a win-win for everyone.

Focus Friday – Last chance for Christmas purchases!

FOCUS FRIDAY– Christmas is almost here

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we wanted to give you a reminder that your order needs to be placed this weekend in order for it to arrive by Christmas Day!

Christmas day is almost here, and we are so excited! If you have been looking at a product on our site to buy for yourself or for a loved one, now is your chance! We are giving out a 10% off discount code that will work on *all disc products we have in stock!

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we do not ship orders on Sunday. USPS has posted their ‘last day’ dates, these being the last days you can place an order and have them arrive on time for Christmas:

Ground Mail – December 16th
Priority Mail – December 18th


United Parcel Service doesn’t offer dates, but does offer a calculator to figure out shipping times based on date, location of the sender, and location of the receiver.  Items are all shipped UPS Ground.

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Shipping Cut-off Dates for Christmas 2023

Shipping cut-off dates for 2023

Although it is nice when we can get our holiday shopping finished well in advance, the reality is that there are a lot of us who wait until the last minute to shop for gifts. Thankfully, the USPS recently released their ‘last minute’ delivery schedule, and UPS offers a shipping calculator to find cut-off dates.

The following dates are the last days that items can be shipped and arrive in time for Christmas day. However, we do recommend ordering sooner to avoid unforeseen delays.



The Post Office announced the following dates as the last days to order and still arrive before Christmas. Because they anticipate another heavy year for package delivery, orders must be placed at least full week in advance to ensure delivery by the 25th. Here are the respective delivery services and cut-off dates:

Ground Mail – December 16th

Priority Mail – December 18th




United Parcel Service isn’t issuing dates, but instead is offering a calculator to figure out shipping times based on date and location of the sender, and location of the receiver.  Items are all shipped UPS Ground.

Calculate your shipping estimate


If you don’t get your order placed before these dates, don’t worry! You can always order an Infinite discs E-Gift card. Once your order for the gift card is placed, the email used to place the order will recieve the gift card code within the hour.

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From all of us here at Infinite Discs, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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