Best Color for Golf Discs

The first time you buy golf discs, you may be tempted to pick your favorite color. After playing a few rounds on courses with thick vegetation, your disc color preferences just might change. When it comes to playing satisfaction, brightly colored discs are best.

We asked our Facebook fans what color discs they’d choose, if they could only choose one color. Here is a summary of the responses:

Best Colors for Frisbee Golf Discs

Disc Golfers Want Them Bright

Nearly 68% of the responders specifically included terms like “bright, day glow, neon, or hot” in their color description.

Although it may not be the manliest color in a sport played predominately by men, pink was by far the favorite color as selected by 28% of respondents. More specifically, 15% prefer “neon or hot pink” 11% said “pink”, and 2% specified “bubble gum” pink. According to Joe White, “real men throw pink.”

Orange was the next most common color selected. 13% of respondents prefer bright orange discs that stick out in any disc golf terrain. Blue, Green, and Yellow round up the remaining popular colors; each with 12% of the total votes. Once again, it was the “bright” variations of these colors that were specified. Aqua, teel, baby, and metallic blue were specified among the different blue variations. From those that selected yellow, 75% specified either bright, day glow, or chartreuse. Similar responses resulted from those who selected green.

Other colors selected that weren’t as popular include red, purple, white, black, and tye dyed. While there are some disc golfers that prefer these color for their discs, they are in the minority. In the end, when it comes to disc golf discs, bright colors win out.

New Discs For Fall 2013

If you’ve been away from disc golf for a few months, there are several new discs that have recently hit the market. Some of these new discs are completely unique and unlike any golf disc you’ve ever thrown.

In case you’re looking for some new plastic to experiment with, here’s a break down of the new additions we’ve received in the last month and a half.

Discraft Crank: The all new Crank by Discraft is nothing revolutionary, it’s simply an ultra fast driver that flies straight. The ESP plastic has been around for a while.  Despite the fact that there is nothing extra-ordinarily special about it, the Crank is already our top selling disc of 2013 — and we’ve had it for sale for less than two months! In terms of total sales for the year, only the Prodigy D1, D4, and Vibram Lace come close to the Crank.

Discraft’s reputation and positive user experience have made the Crank a very popular new disc.

Innova Atlas: The Atlas really is a revolutionary disc. While there are other manufacturers that make two plastic over-mold discs, the feel and flight of the Atlas is unique. This straight flying midrange has an ultra grippy rim and a firm, flat flight plate. The Atlas’s flight path is very smooth with a most moderate fade. The grippy rim helps this disc stick to the ground and reduce skipping.

The double plastic mold make the Atlas one of the more expensive discs for sale, but those who have tried it have been nothing but impressed by the results.

Vibram unLace: The new Vibram unLace is perhaps the most understable high speed distance driver ever made. This thing is super easy to throw, and will likely become one of the top drivers for newer disc golfers looking for more distance.  This disc is available in the soft x-link medium as well as the x-link firm blend giving it a great look and feel.

If you’re looking for a driver that will experience high speed turn with moderate throws, the unLace will deliver unparalleled results.

Hyzer Bomb Discs: Partnering with Millennium, Hyzer Bomb, has recently released three discs: the Mortar, Tank, and Tank Panzer. The Tank and Tank-Panzer are unique feeling putters with a thumbtrak grip available in Millennium’s soft standard plastic.

While the Tank is new to Hyzer Bomb, it’s actually an old golf disc that has been brought back from the dead. The Tank-Panzer feels like the Tank, but offers a more stable alternative. The Mortar is a very overstable midrange available in a unique softer plastic blend.

RIP Discs: RIP is not a new company, but they are new to Infinite Discs. After receiving the Innova Atlas, and then hearing that other companies have already manufactured double mold discs, we added them to our lineup. RIP currently manufactures two putters and a distance driver. The Graboide and Relic putters are completely unique. They are tall bulky discs with an incredibly hard flight plate and a soft rubbery rim. These putters are unlike anything I have ever thrown. RIP’s driver, the Ballistic, consists of only one plastic, but it is one of the grippiest plastic blends I’ve ever felt.

In addition to new disc models, we’ve also added Innova X-Outs to our product mix. This is the perfect solution if you like both Innova and cheap discs.



Yikun Disc Golf

Yikun is a disc manufacturer based in China who has recently created a new line of golf discs.

Yikun currently has six different molds and three different plastic types. Each disc is available in only one plastic at this time. We are among the first to bring Yikun discs to the American market.

Yikun is tooled to sit among the elite golf discs, as well as the most affordable. Yikun plastics offer extremely premium discs as well as discs which aren’t made to be thrown fast. While skepticism has been heard from consumers that a Chinese product can’t be quality, time will determine if Yikun discs deserve a seat among other top manufacturers. Here at Infinite Discs we have been pleased with what we have tried. The premium plastics impress us by the overall quality in both look and feel. Our initial field testing also did not disappoint. It is apparent that at Yikun the creation of these discs are methodical and precise. So far, our expectations have been exceeded.

Browse Available Yikun Discs by Clicking Here

Yikun disc molds:

Distance Drivers

Yikun DaE – Speed 13
Yikun Jun – Speed 11
Yikun View – Speed 6[/one_third][one_third]

Midrange Golf Discs

Yikun Yao – Speed 4
Yikun Wings – Speed 3[/one_third][one_third_last]

Putt & Approach

Yikun Claws – Speed 1[/one_third_last]

Speed ratings are according to Yikun

Yikun plastic grades

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_half]Tiger Line:
“Tiger lineTM is developed mainly for all-weather play. These discs provide a great grip at affordable prices, and they are both suitable for beginners and professional players.” – Yikun[/one_half][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_half]Phoenix Line:
“Phoenix lineTM is developed for long-term use. These discs are produced with premium plastics which give golf discs the best durability and cool appearance. All the Phoenix lineTM discs are transparent and cannot be easily damaged.” – Yikun[/one_half][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]

[one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_half]Dragon Line:
Dragon lineTM is specially produced with ultra-premium plastics. These discs have the same durability and better grip of Phoenix lineTM. The Dragon lineTM golf discs have unique metallic appearance.[/one_half][one_fourth_last][/one_fourth_last]

[box type=”download”]Now Availalbe! Browse Yikun products here: Yikun Disc Golf[/box]

Answers to Questions Disc Golfers Ask Online

We get asked some good, as well as some pretty stupid questions. I’ve decided that I might as well compose a blog post that answers some of the questions that disc golfers ask online. Here are a few of the questions we’ve had over the last few months:

What is the #1 rated maximum distance driver in disc golf?

While everyone has different throwing styles and opinions, according to reviewers on our website, the top rated Max Distance driver is the Latitude 64 Bolt.

How do I beat in Innova star plastic?

… Play lots of disc golf. Throw your disc against trees, rocks, and buildings that don’t have windows.

What is the best Millennium disc for beginners?

The easiest Millennium disc for beginners to throw is probably the Omega. It’s a putt and approach disc which won’t get as much distance as a driver once arm speed is developed. When it comes to best Millennium driver for beginners, I’d recommend the Polaris.

Which discs are the fastest, thinnest, sharpest, disc golf drivers?

There’s no doubt about it. The Gateway Ninja is the sharpest (possibly fastest as well) disc golf on the market. There’s a reason this thing isn’t PDGA approved. When it comes to thinnest, the Discraft Flick, Discmania CD and Gateway Diablo are only 1.3cm tall.

What is the most expensive golf disc?

Some golf discs become collectors items and are very valuable. These can sell for hundreds of dollars. When it comes to actual “retail” value of discs, Vibram discs are the most expensive discs we sell. They are all the same price ($15.88 from us). The X-link compound these discs are made of is more durable than any plastic out there. If you want your disc to last, choose Vibram.

What is the best Prodigy disc for beginners.

There is really only one prodigy driver I’d recommend for beginners, and that’s the F7. If there were a Prodigy starter set, it should be the F7, M4, and PA4 in 300 series plastic.

What are the best selling disc golf discs for 2013?

New golf discs sell really well thanks to the newness factor. Distance drivers sell better as well. Our top selling discs so far this year are:

  1. Prodigy D4
  2. Prodigy D1
  3. Vibram Lace
  4. Prodigy D3
  5. Discraft Buzzz
  6. Prodigy D2
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Prodigy M4
  9. MVP Anode
  10. Prodigy M3
  11. MVP Ion
  12. Discraft Nuke SS
  13. Prodigy PA-4
  14. Discraft Nuke
  15. Latitude 64 River
  16. Prodigy PA-1
  17. Innova Tern
  18. MVP Volt
  19. Latitude 64 Saint
  20. Discraft Avenger SS

What is the best midrange golf disc?

We asked this question to our customers. While there are lots of great mids available, the Discraft Buzzz is by far the most popular.

Feature Friday

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For the next few months we will feature a highly popular/ best performing disc every Friday. The purpose is to give away more plastic, offer a sale on a popular item, and expose the disc golf community to those truly fantastic discs.

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Featured discs will be on sale during the entire week, and a free disc of your choice will be given away the following Friday to a lucky fan who writes a quality review.

All reviews of featured discs (positive or negative), including old reviews that already exist before they are featured are eligible to win. This means that the more discs you review, the greater your probability of winning! You never know when one of your favorite discs might become the Friday Feature.  If you have, or currently use the featured disc, you will especially want to take a few minutes to review it.

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10 Year Anniversary MIDNIGHT BUZZZ

Discraft is at it again with a new, limited edition, 10th anniversary collectors item — the Midnight Buzzz. There will only be 1,000 of these black collectors Buzzz’s made, and we know that the minimum price allowed will be $30. The reality is that most disc golfers aren’t going to choose a black disc for actual disc golf rounds. Let’s be honest, dark colors are pretty hard to find unless you’re playing in snow. This disc is meant to be part of a Buzzz collector’s set.

The midnight edition will be in dark Z plastic and have a stability rating of .05. These discs will only be available in heavy weights and have the original Wasp tooling.

Proceeds from the sale of this collectors disc will go to the non-profit Disc Golf Foundation. Each disc purchased will also include a ticket for a chance to win a framed one-of-a kind ten year anniversary collectors set. We’re not sure when these discs will be available, or if we will even have it yet. We will update this post when we have more news.


Prodigy Fairway Drivers

If you’re a fan of Prodigy and have been waiting for the arrival of their fairway drivers — your wait is almost over. Four all new control drivers will be available this Friday.

Previously, Prodigy only released one or two discs at a time. With the fairway drivers, they’re dropping them all on us at once. These discs should cover the entire stability spectrum.

I’m an intermediate disc golfer who doesn’t like “big rim” discs. I’m a big fan of Prodigy’s plastic, and love their midrange discs, but the current drivers are just too much for me. Personally, I’m pretty excited to try these new discs out.

Here’s a break down of the new releases, and what Prodigy says about them:

F1 – A significantly overstable medium speed driver with very predictable controllable flights designed for power throwers. Excellent choice for thumber and tomahawk shots.

F2 – Overstable medium speed fairway driver with very predictable flights to execute the most demanding shots.

F3 – Stable fairway driver with a mild finish that is great for all skill levels.

F7 Yeah, this thing must be really understable. They skipped 4, 5, and 6. Either Prodigy is making room for additional models, or they just want us to know that the F7 is an  understable turnover machine. Prodigy says “It is a great choice for recreational and beginner player. Excellent for turn shots and rollers.”






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